Stock Market basics for Beginners

Stock Market basics for Beginners

Stock Market basics for Beginners

Learn the basics of Stock Market and step into the world of Stocks.

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If u want to do something in life that you’ve never done or want to master something that you are already doing

First you need to learn the basics and eventually you can become a master from novice stage.

This applies in the world of stock market too. There are lot of people who lost a lot of money investing or trading in stock market. There could be various reasons behind that. One of the common reason is, most of the people are investing or trading stocks without having proper knowledge and guidance. Another main reason is copying and mimic what others are doing . Apparently people are losing their money due to their lack of knowledge in that field.

Do you want to fall in that bracket ??

I don’t think so.

That is why, this course will ensure that you get the basics of stock market explained using layman terms, so that it can be easily understood by everyone and anyone who is interested in learning about stock market.

Having basic knowledge is the most important aspect before getting into the world of stocks.

In this course….

  1. You will understand why you should invest your money and you will have a look at various options available for you to invest your money.

  2. You will understand the meanings of few most important terms that are frequently used in the Stock Market.

  3. You will understand what a sector and industry are, different types of sectors an economy is comprised of    ( Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary ) and which type of companies goes under each specific sector.

  4. You will understand what Growth, Income, Value, Secular and Cyclical, Micro Small Mid Large Mega cap and Blue chip stocks are.

  5. How to easily evaluate a stock using both Qualitative and Quantitative information.

  6. You will understand and you will learn how to calculate different types of Valuation, Liquidity, Profitability, Leverage and Efficiency ratios and how to use them to determine whether a particular stock is a good choice or not.

  7. You will understand Market order, Limit buy and Limit sell orders, Stop loss and Stop limit orders, Day order and Good Till Cancel ( GTC ) Order.

  8. You will understand the different types of risks involved in the Stock Market ( Market risk, Unsystematic risk, Liquidity risk, Margin risk, Volatility risk, Bankruptcy risk and Credit risk ).

  9. You will learn how to easily determine the risk and volatility of any stock using concepts such as Standard Deviation and Beta.

  10. You will understand what a portfolio is and you will have a look at different types of portfolios ( Aggressive, Defensive, Income, Speculative and Hybrid portfolios ).

    And Finally you will have a look at different philosophies of 3 World Class Investors.

    At the end of this course I have also provided an article in which I have mentioned names of few most popular and important books on stock market that everyone of you should read to become a successful investor.

Disclaimer Note : This course is for Educational and Informational purpose only. Whatever examples I’ve used in this course are just examples but are no recommendations from my side.

If you are new to trading or investing, want to learn the basics of stock market and want to step into the world of stocks

This Crisp and Concise course is for you.

– Nitin Surya


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