Stock Trading Tips 6 in 1 Course

Stock Trading Tips 6 in 1 Course

Stock Trading Tips 6 in 1 Course

Stock Trading Tips Course, improve your technical and fundamental analysis trading to be a better stock trader

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Instructor(s): Zean Dawid Britz

Stock Trading Tips 6 in 1 Course



Do you want to learn how to up your stock trading game? Improve your technical analysis? Improve your fundamental analysis? and lower your stress when trading?

Well if your answer is yes, this is the course for you.

This course is specifically designed to give you some of the tips tricks I have learned over the years in trading. From learning you how to trade stress free, how to recognise stock breakout patterns, fundamental analysis , an easy way to better understand candlestick pattern sentiment and many more

This course is broken up into six main sections which will give you insight you will find nowhere else.

  • Firstly we will discuss how to trade stress free. A very important part part of any traders resume is the ability to control his/her emotions. Which stress forms a part of. Without learning to control stress whilst trading one cannot hope to be successful.

  • Next up I thought it would be a good idea to throw in a “How to read stock charts for beginners” section because it is critical to understand this section moving forward in the course. Even though this section was created with beginners in mind it still contains useful tips for those of you who are more advanced.

  • a Topic rarely discussed is “Breakout pattern recognition”. Luckily for you this course has an entire section devoted to this topic. Within which we will discuss what to look for when a stock is setting up. Allowing you to easily recognise optimal buy points of a stock which previously would have remained hidden.

  • We will also take a look at a simple trick to dicern what candlestick patterns indicate without actually knowing all the patterns. I will give you a “street smart” approach to recognise candlestick patterns using nothing but common sense.

  • Next up we can’t call ourselves stock traders without understanding fundamental analysis. Therefore I have given you a short but vital insert in this course to understand what to look for in the stock’s fundamental info.

  • Lastly to round off this stock trading course we will take at a cheeky little stock trading strategy you might haven’t came across yet.

Now I would like to explain a bit more about how this course is structured and presented to give you a better idea of what you are buying.

First off I want to let you know that this course is a bit different in its presentation. This course takes a more informal tone than my usual more serious style of presentation. Think of this course as a personal mentoring sesion, very casual.

Also the content in this course is extremely clean and neatly presented, following a logical structure.

I hope this course will be exactly what you needed to finally have your big brake through in the trading game.

See you in the course.

Stock Trading Tips 6 in 1 Course



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