Stop presenting like in the 90s – Smart Presentation Method

Stop presenting like in the 90s - Smart Presentation Method

Stop presenting like in the 90s – Smart Presentation Method

Present like a Pro: Award winning presentation methodology easy to apply today to your most important presentations

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Javier Chico

Last update: 2022-02-20

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn to prepare, structure, design and deliver a presentation in environments (conferences, a sales presentation, a reporting presentation…)
  • Learn the hacks to boost attention on your audience when doing online presentations
  • Save time and reuse content smarter
  • Be the one that rocks the stage every single time



  • None. Just passion for learning and the will to improve.


Stop presenting like in the 90s - Smart Presentation MethodStop presenting like in the 90s - Smart Presentation Method


More than 14000 professionals have changed their way of delivering presentations through Javier’s methodology. Awarded Business School Professor (IE Business School), and Manager of Pitching Strategies at CBRE Europe (#1 Commercial Real Estate Consultancy Firm worldwide), he has crafted through the years the leanest and most effective methodology you can adopt in no time, with from-day-one improvement, based in how the brain of your audience works and perceives information.

Javier is obsessed with science…because science WORKS!! All his methodology, tips, and hacks are based on the science underlying how the brain of your audience works to boost memorability and capture 100% of their attention.

No more boring presentations.

No more endless PowerPoint preparation.

No more “too much text” slides

No more….

No more….

You will capture their attention, stop your audience from nodding off, and will inspire action in your presentations.

This course covers all the steps: preparing the strategy of your presentation, analyzing the audience to extract the key messages, building the right structure, openings, closings, and creation of content and design. And last but not least, how to prepare the delivery nailing your rehearsals and final preparation, both face-to-face and online.

What some people say about my course:

Miguel Caballero – CEO Tutellus

Javier generated a change: A before and after in my presentations. Customers, Investors, Partners…everyone is impressed by my presentations after his course. Once you know the tips and techniques, delivering an outstanding presentation with Javier’s methodology is a piece of cake.”

Inna King – HR Director at Philips

“I required Javier’s services for an important presentation for an international event. Not only had we had enormous success at the event. We even received special mentions for our presentation for the innovative way we delivered it. Javier’s methodology, professionalism, knowledge, and dedication are out of this world. A true master in his field.”

Luis Solis – Director Advanced Learning Innovation Program at IE Business School.

“This is a must skill for any professional. Javier´s business and entrepreneurial experience enrich all the insights and practices he shares in the course of his effective presentation which have immediate application in making more engaging, attractive, and unforgetting presentations.”

Concepción Galdón – Former Area 31 Coordinator, IE’s Social Innovation Director & Academic Lead and Board Member at Harvard Kennedy School Spain Alumni Network

“Javier has shared his techniques and knowledge with the startups of Area 31 and they found great value for their investor and sales presentations. He is passionate and with an impressive dedication for making people communicate better.”

Luis Mateos Keim – Osmotic Founder

Javier is a genius in helping you twist slides & messages providing a rhythm & structure to your poor presentation and converting it into a smooth and strong argumental tool.

Javier has helped me each time a presentation is relevant to me. I’m sure that any professional will value acquiring these necessary skills.”

Javier Velasco –Country Manager Avaya

“Thanks to Javier, our sales team changed the way they delivered sales messages to our customers. That generated multiple tangible benefits in increased sales and better branding with our customers. We keep relying on Javier to train our teams ever since.”


Who this course is for

  • Any professional that faces presentations in an ocasional or continuous basis.


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Why presentations are sooooo boring ? (Part 1)
    • Why presentations are sooooo boring? (Part 2: The Reptilian Brain)
    • The “Online World” – Presenting in videoconferences
    • How we will tackle this (Course description)
  • Preparation
    • Why people fail preparing a presentation?
    • Define your goal
    • Analyzing your audience – D.I.K.A. Analysis
    • Brain Dump
    • Practice – D.I.K.A. Analysis & Brain Dump
  • Structure
    • Principles of a structure – Asking 3 good friends
    • Common structure patterns
    • The opening
    • The closing
    • Using Metaphores in your structure
    • Inductive vs Deductive
    • The Investor Pitch
    • Visual conducting thread & The use of Metaphors
    • Hack: Fake Improvisation Technique
  • Design / Create / Produce Content
    • Tools to create slides/content
    • It’s visual, stupid! & 1 idea per slide
    • Titles vs Value Messages
    • Dont need a slide for every word/message/submessage
    • Reuse content, but be intelligent. You decide, not bulk reuse
    • Defining your Visual Context
    • Visual Context Setup – (Powerpoint Specific)
    • Using Fonts the clever way
    • Using and formatting Images to impact your audience
    • Using Images & Videos as backgrounds
    • Duotones – Depper explanation of the tool to create backgrounds and covers
    • Tool: Remove background:
    • Using Icons: Forget about bulletpoints
    • Eye Path of your audience and how to break it
    • Data Visualization: When and how to use data in your slides
    • The last slide sindrome
  • Delivery
    • Be there first and connect with audience
    • Eye contact
    • Use of hands – gestures vs jazzy hands
    • Rehearsing to be successful


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