Strategy in Action

Strategy in Action

Strategy in Action

How to formulate, plan and execute successful business strategies

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Instructor(s): Davide Sola

Last update: 2022-10-10

What you’ll learn

  • How can you take a glimpse into the future to define the long-term vision and ambition for your organisation?
  • How to analyze your organisation’s internal capabilities to identify your core competencies that set you apart from competitors?
  • How to assess the dynamics and identify the threats and risks in the markets you are currently present in?
  • How to assess the dynamics and identify the emerging threats and risks in the markets you are currently present?
  • How to identify the opportunities and quantify the potential for growth in your current markets, as well as in adjacent and new ones?
  • How to ensure long-term sustainable growth for your organisation, by focusing on the right strategic priorities today?



  • No previous experience required. Basic business and financial literacy could be useful.



The Strategy in Action (SiA) Programme is the product of more than two decades of experience, which its creators gained in both academia and industry, researching and applying the latest management theories to advise organisations, helping them achieve sustainable growth and build long-lasting capabilities within their leadership teams.

This course will teach you how to formulate, plan, and execute a successful organisational strategy. But what is Strategy? It is a set of coordinated, sustainable and creative actions performed by a coalition of people that aim at creating value.

In this course, you will follow a structured approach to define what the future of your organisation should look like and how you can achieve it. After completing the course you will be able to:

  • Formulate inspiring vision statement and mission statements and translate them into long-term KPIs, which will guide your organisation’s strategic direction

  • Analyse your financial position and assess your internal capabilities against competitors to identify your core competencies (strengths) and areas for further investment (weaknesses)

  • Assess the dynamics in the markets you currently serve and identify the risks (threats) that might emerge in them

  • Identify the adjacent and new markets your organisation could expand into and quantify the potential (opportunities) for growth

  • Leverage your SWOT to define the strategic priorities that will ensure your organisation’s long-term sustainable growth

The full SiA Programme consists of the learning materials in this course, used in combination with the SiA App, 3HORIZON’s proprietary digital platform, which codifies management frameworks, into simple digital workflows. While the course learning outcomes are enhanced by going through it in parallel with your journey through the SiA Platform, the course introduces fundamental strategic and management theories, which are central to every business leader’s toolkit..


Who this course is for

  • Business Leaders
  • C-Level Executives
  • Head of Strategy
  • Head of Business Development
  • Head of Finance
  • Head of Operations
  • Senior Managers
  • Middle Managers


Course content

  • Introduction
    • What is Strategy Activation
  • Vision, Mission and Level of Ambition
    • Module Overview
    • What is a Vision Statement?
    • What is a Mission Statement?
    • What is the Level of Ambition?
    • What are Strategic Foresights?
    • What is the Balanced Scorecard?
  • Internal Analysis
    • Module Overview
    • What is Competitive Advantage?
    • What is a Value Chain?
    • What is the Capability Matrix?
    • Measuring Value Creation
    • What is Activity-based Costing?
    • Core Competencies and the VRIO Analysis
  • External Analysis
    • Module Overview
    • What is the Ansoff Matrix?
    • What is the PESTEL?
    • What is the Porter’s Five Forces Model?
    • What is Market Segmentation?
    • Market Sizing
    • What are Monetisation Models?
  • Strategic Priorities
    • Module Overview
    • What is the SWOT?
    • What are the Three Horizons?
    • What is the TOWS?
    • What are Strategic Priorities?
    • What are Enabling Priorities?
    • Best Practices and examples of Strategic and Enabling Priorities
  • Strategic Scenarios
    • Module Overview
    • What are Strategic Scenarios?


Strategy in ActionStrategy in Action


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