Sustainability: Impact, Value (s), Innovation, and Growth

Sustainability: Impact, Value (s), Innovation, and Growth

Sustainability: Impact, Value (s), Innovation, and Growth

Implement these principles to strategically leverage your organization’s resources to boost business performance.

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Instructor(s): Enock Ebbah

Last update: 2022-02-15

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what Sustainability is all about
  • Define and develop a Sustainability strategy for your business/organisation
  • Integrate innovation processes with Sustainability
  • Examine how existing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is incorporated into a long term Sustainability policy
  • How to implement NetZero energy buildings for your company
  • How to implement circular economy as a Sustainability strategy for companies and the supply chain.
  • Understand the metrics typically used in a Sustainability report and how to communicate effectively to stakeholders
  • How to integrate Sustainability into your business operations and management processes.
  • The role of leadership in delivering Sustainability for a business or organisation



  • There are no prerequisites for this course, as we will cover all of the concepts from scratch.



Do you want to use Sustainability strategies to improve your company values and supply chain resilience, differentiate from your competitors?

Do you want to embed Sustainability principles in your innovation campaigns to maximise their impact and grow your company?

If so, then this comprehensive Sustainability course is for you. This detailed Sustainability course covers all the fundamental topics you need to understand what Sustainability is about: for People; Planet, and Prosperity. The course is broad and covers everything you need to consider setting out effective sustainability strategies for your business or organisation.

The course starts with an introduction to the Sustainability principles, pillars, metrics, and concepts. Next, circular economy and NetZero concepts are presented to indicate their impact on the environment, people, and business growth. The Sustainability leader or aspiring leader is equipped with many tools and techniques to integrate Sustainability into business operations and management processes efficiently.

The course is filled with practical examples and valuable implementations case studies. More importantly, how the Sustainability concepts can be tailored to your business or organisation. Business and organisation leaders can use the taught Sustainability principles to refine their values, improve their supply chain resilience, differentiate from competitors, and integrate Sustainability into management processes.

• 45 video segments

• 2 hours of Instruction in short sections for easy digest

• Engaging video with a live instructor

• Taught by a well-researched Sustainability thought leader, passionate about teaching existing and aspiring Sustainability leaders.

• Exercises to apply learnings to your organisations

• Numerous practical case studies to reinforce Sustainability concepts


Who this course is for

  • People seeking in-depth understanding of various Sustainability principles, concepts, metrics and strategy
  • A Sustainability professional or consultant
  • An organisation leader in CEO, CFO, Compliance leader who needs to know how to implement sustainability as a business as normal and not an additional task.
  • For students who need a deeper insight into Sustainability principles and implementation
  • Looking to gain employment in Sustainability – this sector is booming
  • Need ideas to meet compliance – for your annual Sustainability reporting


Course content

  • Course Introduction & Who this course is for?
    • Thank you Message from Enock
    • Course Introduction & Who this course is for?
    • Course Overview Pdf Download
  • Introduction to Sustainability
    • Introduction & Definitions
    • The 3 pillars of Sustainability
    • An Example of Application of Sustainability
    • Difference between Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    • Case Study 1: Sustainability Application in Fashion industry
    • Case Study 2: Materials as Resources
    • Case study 3: Energy as Resources
    • Principles of Sustainability
    • How to Measure Sustainability
    • The Triple Bottom Line – Sustainability Metric
    • Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) – Sustainability Metric
    • Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) – Sustainability metric 3
    • The Benefits of Sustainability
    • Activity
    • The Metrics of Sustainability
  • Circular Economy: An Enabler of Sustainability
    • Introduction to Circular Economy
    • Detailed Definition of Circular Economy
    • Linear Economy to Circular Economy
    • Difference between Linear Economy and Circular Economy
    • The Principles of Circular Economy
    • Link between Circular Economy and Sustainable Development Goals
    • The Elements of Circular Economy
    • Benefits of Circular Economy
    • Case study: Designing a Circular Economy
    • Summary and References
    • Activity
    • Circular Economy Quiz
  • NetZero Energy Buildings
    • Introduction to Netzero Energy Building
    • How to Design NetZero Energy Building (NZEB)
    • Case study: Applying NREL and WGBC strategies
    • Summary & References
    • Activity
    • NetZero Energy Building
  • Social Facets of Sustainability
    • Introduction to Social Factors of Sustainability
    • Understand the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of People in Buildings
    • Case Study: Social Factors of Sustainability
    • Summary and references
    • Activity
    • Social Factors of Sustainability
  • Innovation for Sustainability
    • Section intro
    • Detailed Definition of Innovation for Sustainability
    • Understand the Influencing Factors
    • Understand the 3 Priority levels
    • Case Study: Innovation for Sustainability Implementation
    • Summary & References
    • Activity
    • Innovation for Sustainability
  • Sustainability Reporting
    • section intro
    • Reporting frameworks and the benefits of Sustainability Reporting
    • Challenges of Sustainability Reporting
    • Case study 1: TCFD Reporting Framework
    • Case study 2: Trends in Using SDG for Sustainability Reporting
    • Summary and references
    • Activity
    • Sustainability Reporting
  • Leadership for Sustainability
    • Section intro
    • Understand the Roles of a Sustainability Leader
    • Leadership Skills and How to Integrate Sustainability into a Business
    • The Need to Shift From Awareness to Action
    • Case Study: How to Develop a Sustainability Strategy
    • Summary and references
    • Activity
    • Leadership for Sustainability
  • Course Conclusion
    • Conclusion
  • Bonus lecture
    • Bonus


Sustainability: Impact, Value (s), Innovation, and GrowthSustainability: Impact, Value (s), Innovation, and Growth

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