SwiftUI QuizApp with MVVM

SwiftUI QuizApp with MVVM

SwiftUI QuizApp with MVVM

Learn how SwiftUI works with MVVM by making a beautiful QuizApp

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Instructor(s): Richa Srivastava



Want to learn how to build a SwiftUI QuizApp with MVVM?

Then you are in the right place.

SwiftUI is a UI framework by Apple for building beautiful and fast native apps. SwiftUI helps you build great-looking apps across all Apple platforms with the power of Swift — and as little code as possible. Apple introduced SwiftUI in 2019 and the framework has been evolving at a rapid pace ever since.

Since the introduction of SwiftUI, the MVVM pattern has seen a new renaissance. Many developers believe that this particular pattern fits well with the SwiftUI data flow. We are going to learn how to implement the powerful MVVM design pattern in SwiftUI applications that are leveraging the Combine framework. The combination of these 3 concepts will be the standard of iOS app architecture for the years to come, so it’s really important to set up a solid groundwork when it comes to designing Swift apps going forward

In this course you will learn SwiftUI with MVVM. We will learn how to create a beautiful and intuitive Quiz App. And through the process we will learn how MVVM design pattern works with SwiftUI. We will learn base concepts of SwiftUI Combine.

Course Overview –

  • Create SwiftUI Quiz Game with SwiftUI + Combine

  • Implement MVVM with SwiftUI using Combine

  • Concept of @State, @ObservableObject, @Published & @ObservedObject

  • SwiftUI basics like VStack, HStack and ZStack

  • LazyVGrid

  • Create Timer in SwiftUI



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