Taoist Sex Education – The Multi Orgasmic Man

Taoist Sex Education - The Multi Orgasmic Man

Taoist Sex Education – The Multi Orgasmic Man

Oriental Sexual Knowledge: The importance of Love and its interrelation with Sexuality

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Instructor(s): Johnny Zaldumbide Ortiz

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What you’ll learn

  • Acquire knowledge about the deepest foundations of Taoism.
  • Understand what it is to be a “multi-orgasmic man” and take advantage of its benefits.
  • Complement the sexual education of the people.
  • Know the most important oriental principles to enjoy a healthy, satisfying and mature sexual life.



  • To enroll in this course, it is recommended to have first taken the course: Deciphering Multi Orgasmic Man – Important Prior Knowledge.



Most people mistakenly think that “ejaculation” is the same as “orgasm”.

Science, represented by sexologists and sex therapists, says it categorically: Orgasm and ejaculation are “two different experiences”.

What happens is that women are “orgasmic by nature”, that is, their body is predisposed to experience them naturally, while men are “ejaculatory by nature”, which means that, in order to experience orgasms, they have to learn.

With this course, you will learn to distinguish the differences between these two experiences to enhance behavior and enjoyment within the sexual act. You will understand that a MULTI – ORGASMIC MAN is capable, after experiencing orgasm, of conserving erection, desire, sexual energy, and most importantly, the romantic interest between man and woman will remain intact, enhancing the bonds of union and allowing access to the experimentation of the long-awaited sentimental orgasms, the true sexual ecstasy as a couple!

Ultimately, Taoist knowledge is important because it “complements the sexual education of people” and the students who take this course will have access to all the oriental wisdom, managing to understand the meaning of a MULTI – ORGASMIC man, and most importantly, they will be able to enjoy all its benefits.

Do not wait for more.

“Improve your life”



Who this course is for

  • For men 18 to 80 years of age who want to develop their sexuality.
  • For adult women who want to know the Taoist principles that govern male sexuality and all its secrets.


Course content

    • The best kept seccret
    • Unconscious sexual response program
    • Taoist Law to separate orgasm from ejaculation
    • Excitation level control
    • Taoist principle 1 – The most Important muscle in the human body
    • PC muscle toning
    • Basic Pubococcygeus
    • Advanced Pubococcygeus
    • Pubococcygeus for the rest of life
    • Cartesian graph – Plateau phase
    • Plateau phase excitation level control
    • Taoist Principle 2 – Why does the level of excitement rise?
    • Techniques – Preliminar considerations
    • Taoist Principle 3 – Technique “R”
    • Taoist Principle 4 – Technique “Static Position”
    • Taoist Principle 5 – Technique “Static Position + PC”
    • Taoist Principle 6 – Technique “Forced Dilation”
    • Taoist Principle 7 – Technique “CDS”
    • Standards to consider within learning process
    • Taoist Principle 8 – Technique “Rpc”
    • Controled sexual energy
    • Movement Rhythm
    • Taoist Principle 9 – Technique “Extended Dilation”
    • Practices – Preliminary considerations
    • Taoist Formula – Ejaculation frequency calculation
    • Taoist Axiom 1 – Sexual energy discharge
    • Practice 1: Decrease the level of arousal before penetration
    • Practice 2: Increase the level of excitement – Circular penetration
    • Practice 3: Slowly Increase the level of arousal – Longitudinal penetration
    • Practice 4: Slowly Increase the level of excitement – Discharge into penetration
    • Practice 5: Slowly Increase the level of excitement – With rhythm of movement
    • Practice 6: Slowly Increase the level of excitement – With micro contraction
    • Practice 7: Increase penetration speed and lose pace of movement
    • The oldest “Taoist Secret” will be revealed
    • Practice 8: Increasing intercourse time
    • Practice 9: PC Awareness – Reaching the climaxtic point
    • Practice 10: Experiencing various climaxtic points with PC awareness
    • Whic are the techniques that guarantee the best of results?
    • Cartesian Chart – Orgasmic climax phase
    • Taoist Axiom 2 – Time available to avoid ejaculation
    • Taoist Principle 10 – Technique “L”
    • Practice 11: Reach several climaxical points and execute the technique “L”
    • Technique L and the new feminine pleasure – Feeling of pressure and vaginal pull
    • Taoist Principle 11 – Technique “Nine-One”
    • “Nine-One” technique with no suction effect
    • “Nine-One” Technique with suction effect
    • Technique NineOne and the new female pleasure – Effect of suction and onslaught
    • “Nine-One” Technique with interrupted suction effect
    • Practice 12: Discharge energy using penis suspense ligament
    • Practice 13: Playing to penetrate the woman as hard as possible
    • Practice 14: Playing to lift the woman as long as possible
    • Practice 15: Execution of the ZO procedure
    • Practice 16: Apply the ZO procedure after each climaxtic point
    • Practice 17: Optimizing the ZO procedure to increase women’s pleasure
    • Practice 18: PC Awareness – When penetrating
    • Practice 19: Increase intercourse time to 20 minutes – No suction effect
    • Practice 20: Increase intercourse time to 20 minutes – With interrupted suction
    • Cartesian Graphic – Ejaculation sensation
    • Ejaculation intensities
    • Practice 21: Normal intensity ejaculation
    • Practice 22: Macro ejaculation
    • Practice 23: Ejaculation of the highest intensity you can experience
    • Practice 24: Low-intensity ejaculation
    • Practice 25: Micro ejaculation
    • Reach the climaxical point in each sexual relationship 5 times before ejaculatin
    • Practice 26: PC Awareness – Around the climaxical point
    • Taoist Principle 12 – Male ejaculation access band
    • Practice 27: Increased ejaculatory access band – No suction effect
    • Practice 28: Increased ejaculatory access band – With discontinued suction effec
    • Advantages of male ejaculatory access “broadband”
    • Climactic points and the new female pleasure – Stone penis sensation
    • Evolution of the unconscious sexual response program
    • The pre-orgasmic feeling and ejaculatory domain
    • Secret of porn actors – Intense penetration movements without ejaculating
    • Taoist Principle 13 – REC Times
    • Practice 29: Journey from swirl time to stabilization-slow time
    • She craves strong movements of penetration and he cannot give them – what to do?
    • Practice 30: Slow to medium stabilization time travel
    • Practice 31: Medium to high stabilization time travel
    • Practice 32: Time-travel from high stabilization to control time
    • Sexual satisfaction of the woman and the best male lover
    • Taoist secret of the best male lover – Before penetration
    • Taoist secret of the best male lover – After penetration
    • Practice 33: REC Times – Adaptation to female coital movements
    • Practice 34: Taoist Principle 14 – The free woman to move as she pleases
    • Practice 35: Increased suction effect – Sound “Pop”
    • Taoist Principle 15 – Women have passive but inexhaustible sexual energy
    • Taoist secret of the best male lover – In all sexual encounters
    • How do men feel when they intercourse for more than 2 hours in a row?
    • Taoist Principle 16 – Definitive healing and replacing the wrong PRSI with a hea
    • Climax Phase – What sexologists and sex therapists still don’t discover
    • In this class men “Will learn to experience orgasms”
    • Retrograde ejaculation
    • The true pleasure of the climax
    • Increased orgasmic pleasure and decreased ejaculatory pleasure
    • What to do with excess sexual energy?
    • Orgasmic secret of eastern monarchs – The gateway to orgasmic fullness
    • Last Practice – Multi-Orgasmic Excellence
    • Man has become multi orgasmic – What comes next?
    • FIN


Taoist Sex Education - The Multi Orgasmic ManTaoist Sex Education - The Multi Orgasmic Man

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