The 10 Laws for Personal Success – The Complete Course

The 10 Laws for Personal Success - The Complete Course

The 10 Laws for Personal Success – The Complete Course

Personal Success Can Be Yours – The TJ Walker SSP System for Success Is Fast, Simple and Easy

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Instructor(s): TJ Walker

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What you’ll learn

  • Personal Success
  • Personal Development
  • Personal Transformation
  • Self-Help
  • SelfieSpeak Programming (SSP)



  • A willingness to build new habits
  • A Desire for Personal Success



The 10 Laws for Personal Success – The Complete Course

Personal success…it can be yours. You can achieve your goals in life, have a great career, build strong relationships, and live your life‘s purpose. Nobody was born with personal success;  it is a function of applying skills in a systematic way throughout life.

TJ Walker is one of the top personal development trainers in the world and coaches people on the elements of personal success, personal development, and personal transformation. His unique system of using SelfieSpeak Programming (SSP) is a groundbreaking method for creating permanent habit change. And best of all, it doesn’t require will power or new reserves of self-discipline.

If you are looking for personal success and you realize that just reading another book or taking another course isn’t necessarily going to do the trick, then this system is for you. TJ Walker works with real people who struggle with willpower, self-discipline, and every other human flaw, because he has all of those too.

This is a personal success system that is incredibly easy to follow, simple, and it gets real results. Please check out the promo video or go ahead and enroll today in The 10 Laws for Personal Success – The Complete Course.

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:

“Great course! very inspiring. Thank you TJ” Kei T

“Great course! I really think I can change my life using the tools I learned. Thanks!” Enrique Palos

“This course is very amazing !!!” Liyan Nurchalifah

This (fill in blank of course topic here) course is ideal for anyone searching for more info on the following: NLP – self love – NLP – beginner level – personal growth mastery – life skills – wealth – mental strength – goal setting for a successful life. Plus, this course will be a great addition to anyone trying to build out their knowledge in the following areas: personal development – life coach training – goal setting.


Who this course is for

  • Anyone less than satisfied with their current life
  • Executives
  • Leaders
  • Students
  • People in Transition
  • Studnets of Personal Success


Course content

  • Law #1 Define Your Own Personal Success on Your Own Terms
    • Quick Win Here Is How To Be More Successful in Just One…
    • Promo Video The 10 Laws for Personal Success – The Complete Course
    • This Is What It Means To Have Personal Success in the 2020s
    • This Is Where Your Course Is Ending Up …With Your Personal Success
    • You Will Never Have to Settle for an Average Life Again
    • Crafting Your Own, Unique Vision for Personal Success
    • Time To Program Your Brain for Success
  • Law #2 Program Yourself to Be Successful On a Daily Basis
    • Grab Your Own Attention Now
    • You Are Proactive In Life, Never Reactive The Way Most People Are
    • The SelfieSpeak Audio Solution
    • Creating Your own Audios Is Always Better
    • Your Daily Habits SelfieSpeak Audio
    • The Easiest Way to Rewire Your Brain
    • Passive Brainwashing for You
    • No Problem If You Hate Technology
    • Simple Solutions to Common Problems When Making Your Audios
    • Nobody Likes the Sound of their Own Voice
    • Improving Every Single SelfieSpeak Audio
    • Your Turn to Make Your Own SelfieSpeak Audio for Personal Success
  • Law #3 Consume Great Ideas, Content, and Entertainment Daily
    • Model Yourself After Successful People
    • Gain Focus Just On Essential News for You
    • Set for Yourself a Strict News Diet
    • The Essential Apps Only
    • Now You Have Time for You
    • You Deserve the Highest Quality Entertainment
    • Lifelong Learning Is an Essential Ingredient to Personal Success
    • Program Your Brain to Consume The Exact Quantity & Quality of Content You Want
  • Law #4 Consume Mostly Plants and Real, Unprocessed Food
    • Dramatically improve the Quality of What Goes In Your Mouth
    • You Can Only Manage What You Measure, Including Your Weight
    • Here Is How Successful People Think About Eating
    • You Aren’t Paranoid – The World Is Trying To Poison You
    • Avoiding Insane PORTIONS
    • The Art of Eating At Restaurants
    • Drink, But Not to Excess
    • All Diets Work…But Only In the Short-Term
    • Successful People Drink Water All Day Long
    • You Decide Exactly What You Want to Eat On A Daily Basis
  • Law #5 Stop Buying Junk You Don’t Need or Want
    • Be Highly Selective On What You Buy and Keep
    • Getting Your House In Order
    • You Are No Longer Open for Marketers Business 24/7
    • The Pause Button Is More Important Than the 1-Click Button
    • Organized Desk, Organized Mind
    • Nice Things, Not the Most Things
    • Here Is How You Will Buy and Organize Your Stuff
  • Law #6 Strengthen and Test Your Body Daily
    • Create Unlimited Energy
    • Alarm Clocks are Great If You Want Sleep Deprivation
    • Walk, Walk, Walk
    • Embrace Your Laziness And find Something That Works for You
    • Your Unique Physical Needs Must Be Met
    • Create Your Daily Physical Routine Now
  • Law #7 Think, Reflect and Mediate Daily On Your Own Thoughts
    • Just Your Thoughts
    • Never Experiencing Boredom Will Make You Boring
    • Me Time Reflection Time Think Time
    • Dear Diary, This May sound Silly But…
    • Program Your Reflection Time
  • Law #8 Build and Maintain Friendships and Family Relationships
    • Create a Strong Social and Family Life
    • Decide What Is More Important, a Relationship or a Text
    • Establish Your Own Cell Phone Culture
    • Face-To-Face Beats ‘Like”
    • Meeting people In the Real World Still Works
    • Establish Your Social Goals Now
  • Law #9 Make, Keep and Grow the Wealth You Truly Want
    • You Don’t Have to Be a Billionaire to Be Successful
    • You Can Figure Out a Way to Not Worry About Money
    • Avoid Paying Fees Like the Plague
    • What Financial Gurus Do Is More Important than What They Say
    • Invest In Yourself
    • Learning Hard, Valuable Skills Will Make You Wealthy
    • Successful People Might Change Jobs, But they Never Retire
    • Create Your Own Financial Goals
  • Law #10 Create Something Valuable Daily
    • Create Something New Every Day
    • We Live In the Golden Era of Creation
    • Creators Develop Focus in Life
    • Create a Meaningful Legacy
    • Determine What You Want to Produce Daily
    • Course Update – You Should Get on the TikTok App Now
  • Conclusion You Are On Your Way to Personal Success
    • I Wish You Immense Personal Success
    • One Last Chance to Make This Course Better for Your Permanent Learning Library
    • Here Is How You Can Get your Certificate of Completion for this Course
    • And Now Let’s Put It All Together


The 10 Laws for Personal Success - The Complete Course

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