The Complete B2B Sales Course: Lead Generation to Closing

The Complete B2B Sales Course: Lead Generation to Closing

The Complete B2B Sales Course: Lead Generation to Closing

Master the art of B2B sales to include prospecting, lead generation, scripting, and closing from a Master Sales Trainer

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Instructor(s): EntrepreneurNOW Network

Last update: 2022-11-23

What you’ll learn

  • Learn strategies to effectively prospect new clients.
  • Lead generation best practices to generate hundred of thousands of leads.
  • Learn to create amazing sales scripts that close.
  • Learn to dramatically increase results and sales effectiveness by building trust and rapport.



  • No prior experience necessary! We’ll teach you everything you need to know.



The Complete B2B Sales Course: Lead Generation to Closing
Master the art of B2B sales to include prospecting, lead generation, scripting, and closing from a Master Sales Trainer

Let’s face it. Sales is full of ups and downs, highs and lows, and tons of rejection. But it’s something about that one sale you do get that makes it all worth it.

So, how do you get more B2B sales? This is a leading question beginning sales professionals always ask. A better question is, what are the top sales professionals doing that I’m not to get unlimited leads and constant referrals?

In this course, we let the cat out of that bag. No longer are the sales tactics used by leading professionals a secret. This course will teach you how to master prospecting, lead generation, scripting, and handling objection. And this isn’t even half of it. You’ll also learn how to build trust quickly, and develop a mental framework that instills confidence when selling.

Here are the 10 B2B Sales modules this course will cover:


Most salespeople agree they should be doing more prospecting.  They also agree that if they prospected more their sales would go up.  In this module, Eric will share with you proven techniques on how to prospect.  I will also share how to shift your mindset do you can boldly, fearlessly prospect anyone. 

Many of the techniques I cover you will be able to immediately use to prospect for more business.  If you know that you would make more sales by increasing your prospecting, then this is a must listen to the course.  Each idea you learn you will have for the rest of your life!  

Lead Generation:

Generating new leads is the lifeblood of any business.  In this module, Eric Lofholm will share his best lead generation ideas that helped him build his database from zero leads to over 50,000!  First Eric will cover lead generation best practices to generate hundreds or even thousands of additional leads. 

Next, you will learn the mindset of a superstar lead generator.  Then Eric will share his #1 lead generation strategy that has generated more than 1,000 leads for him.  Eric also talks about the importance of keeping your leads organized. 

In total, you will learn numerous tried and true lead generation ideas.  Once you have completed this course you will be able to immediately implement the ideas to start generating more leads!

Appointment Setting:

An appointment setting is one of the most important skill sets for a salesperson to learn and ultimately master. Eric Lofholm has been setting appointments since 1996. Eric began as an appointment setter for motivational superstar Tony Robbins.

He was then promoted to manage the appointment setting department. In 1999 Eric started his own sales training company and was responsible for booking all his appointments. In this course, Eric shares the best practices he has used to keep his calendar filled with appointments for over 20 years.

He will reveal his mindset as well as his best ideas about appointment setting. After completing this course, you will have ideas you can immediately use to book more appointments. You will have these skills for life.

Getting Referrals:

The purpose of this module is to teach how to get an extra hundred to a thousand referrals. With those extra referrals, I want you to generate extra additional income from the ideas of this program!

There are 3 ways to elevate your results with referrals – Inner Game, Outer Game and Action. The inner game is your mindset. The outer game is the how-to. Action is what you do.

My all-time number one idea is Continuous Sales Improvement (CSI), and you want to apply it to referrals. CSI is a lifelong commitment to working on your sales skills for 15 minutes to an hour a week and today we are working on referrals. You can look for referral techniques on YouTube, podcasts, books, and from other experts in your industries. Model other techniques to elevate your results.

Sales Scripting:

In this module, you will learn how to predictably increase your results with sales scripting.   

Preparation for a sales presentation is essential to repeatably achieve your desired outcomes. You may wonder why you would ever want to create a script. A script is simply a coherent string of words that make logical sense. We use scripts every day.

Here, Eric teaches you the why and how about carefully crafting and practicing your sales scripts. It is a learned skill and will help you achieve greater close rates. Once learned, it will be a tool you can utilize for the rest of your life.

Building Trust and Rapport:

It has been said that people buy from people they know, like, and trust.  That is a universally true statement.  At the beginning of a sales presentation, it is important to create rapport with the prospective client if you want to break down any existing barriers and build that trust.

In this tip-rich course, Eric teaches you numerous ways to accelerate the building of rapport. And, once that rapport is built, you will know how to leverage it to create the critical element of trust. 

Building trust and rapport with your prospect early in your presentation will help facilitate an atmosphere where the prospect will be considerably more receptive to your offerings. You may even notice their body language relax!

Handling Objections:

Objection handling is a critical skill set to learn to help maximize your sales results and your closing ratio.  Eric Lofholm has been successfully handling objections to close sales for over 25 years.  In this course, Eric shares his best objection handling ideas and strategies. 

By watching this module you will learn specific ideas that you can immediately use in your very next sales presentation to effectively handle the common objections you get.  Eric covers how to techniques including specific scripts to use to address the common objections.  He also covers the mindset of an objection handing master.  After watching this course expect to make a lot more sales!

Setting Goals:

Goal setting is quite likely the most endorsed personal development strategy in the world.  Goal setting is a learned skill.  The more you work on your goal setting skills the better you get.  In this course, Eric Lofholm shares his best goal-setting ideas from his 20+ years of applying goal-setting to his life and teaching goal-setting to others. 

The ideas in this module are a combination of the best goal-setting ideas Eric has learned from studying what success and business legends, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Les Brown, and others had to say about goal setting.  Combine this with Eric’s life experiences and you have this course.  By watching this course, you will improve your goal-setting skills now and forever.

Mindset of a B2B Sales Champion:

You’re taking this impactful course because you want to excel at sales. Think about the fact that you are selling every day, whether it’s in business or in your personal life. Every time you ask your children to do anything or make a request of anyone, you are selling. 

To achieve excellence in selling, you need to develop the mindset of a champion. Eric teaches you to be your number one cheerleader and get out of that present “story” you may be living in and potentially holding you back from the success you dream of. 

When you acknowledge yourself, it builds your self-esteem and confidence! Your learnings here could make a significant, positive effect on your life and the lives of others.

Closing B2B Sales Business:

In this module, you will learn how to close the B2B sale.  Closing is a learned skill.  Prior to me learning how to close I was the bottom producer on the team at my first sales job.  Once I learned how to close I 5x my sales results in less than 3 months. 

I have gone on to do millions and millions of dollars in B2B sales since.  In this course, I share with you my best ideas!  Many of the techniques you will literally be able to use in your very next sales presentation.

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Who this course is for

  • New, beginner, and advanced level sales professionals looking to learn new skills to add to their tool belt.


Course content

  • Become a Sales Pro – From Lead Generation to Closing
    • Sales Mastery Program
  • Prospecting Mastery
    • Prospect Like a Pro
    • Overcoming Call Reluctance
    • The B2B Prospecting System
    • Play the Prospecting Game
    • The Dream 100
    • Sphere of Influence Selling
    • Intention in B2B Sales
    • Prospecting Quiz
  • Lead Generation Mastery
    • Lead Generation Mastery for B2B Sales
    • Skyhook
    • B2B Stage Selling
    • Referrals
    • Best Practices
    • Person of Influence
    • Reciprocal Referral Relationship
    • Lead Magnet
    • Webinars for B2B Sales
    • Follow Your Money
    • Test & Email
    • Leads Stored
    • B2B Sales House List
    • Speaking to the Groups
    • Contact Information
    • Ending
    • Lead Generation Mastery
  • Appointment Setting Mastery
    • Appointment Setting Mastery
    • Appointment Setting for B2B Sales
    • All About the Angle
    • B2B Appointment Setting Systems
    • Mindset
    • Prospecting
    • Thinking in Combinations
    • Goals
    • Stage Selling
    • Further the Sales Call
    • Consistency
    • 3-Way Introduction
    • Teaser Email
    • Hire Appointment Setter
    • Using a Template
    • Case Study
    • Inviting
    • Conclusion
    • Appointment Setting Mastery
  • Referral Mastery
    • Referral Mastery for B2B Sales
    • Referral Mindset
    • Why People Give Referrals
    • Referral Ideas – Part 1
    • Referral Ideas – Part 2
    • 3-Way Conversation
    • B2B Referral Techniques – Part 1
    • B2B Referral Techniques – Part 2
    • Create a Referral
    • Conclusion
    • Referral Mastery
  • Sales Scripting Mastery
    • Mastering Sales Scripting for B2B Sales
    • My Story
    • Embracing B2B Sales
    • Embracing B2B Sales Scripting
    • The 7-Step Script Writing Formula
    • The 5 Laundry List – Part 1
    • The 5 Laundry List – Part 2
    • B2B Sales Scripting Techniques – Part 1
    • B2B Sales Scripting Techniques – Part 2
    • Scripting Best Practices and Conclusion
    • Sales Scripting Mastery
  • Trust and Rapport Mastery
    • Building Trust and Rapport for B2B Sales
    • Elevate Your Results
    • Mindset
    • Find Common Ground
    • Stay Present
    • Rapport Mindsets
    • Rapport Building Techniques
    • The Speed of Trust
    • Conclusion
    • Trust and Rapport Mastery
  • Objection Handling Mastery
    • Mastering Objection Handling for B2B Sales
    • Elevate Objection Handling
    • Apply Continuous Sales Improvement
    • Record Common Objections
    • Reduce the Risks
    • Solve the Problem
    • Offer Flexible Payment Options
    • Non-Stated Objections
    • Handle Objections Before It Comes Up
    • Be Unreasonable
    • Handle Objection with a Question
    • Handle Objection with a Story
    • Isolate, Bring Out The Objection, Investigative Selling, Ask Peers For
    • Common Objections
    • Ending
    • Objection Handling Mastery
  • Goal Setting Mastery
    • Setting Your B2B Sales Goals
    • 10-Step Goal Setting Process – Part 1
    • 10-Step Goal Setting Process – Part 2
    • Goal Achievement Concepts – Part 1
    • Goal Achievement Concepts – Part 2
    • Goal Setting Mindset
    • Setting Health and Financial Goals
    • Goal Setting Mastery
  • Mindset of a Sales Champion
    • B2B Sales Champion Mindset
    • Mindsets Aren’t Fixed, There Flexible – Part 1
    • Mindsets Aren’t Fixed, There Flexible – Part 2
    • Continuous Sales Improvement
    • Prospecting and Selling Mindset
    • Fear and Faith
    • You Have a Genius Mind
    • Conditional Beliefs
    • I Am Statements
    • Let Go of Resistance to Sales
    • Conclusion
    • Mindset of a Sales Champion
  • Closing Mastery
    • One Last Chance to Make This Course Better for Your Permanent Learning Library
    • Mastering the Close
    • Eric’s Story
    • Preparation
    • The System
    • Sales Model
    • Sale Mountain
    • The Sales Script
    • 3-Ways to Elevate Your Closing Results
    • Embracing B2B Sales
    • The First of 3
    • The Second of 3
    • Conclusion
    • Closing Mastery


The Complete B2B Sales Course: Lead Generation to ClosingThe Complete B2B Sales Course: Lead Generation to Closing

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