The Complete Brain Training Course – Neuroplasticity –

The Complete Brain Training Course - Neuroplasticity -

The Complete Brain Training Course – Neuroplasticity –

Brain Training for the Modern Smart Phone Era! You Can Train Your Brain to Think More Clearly and Creatively

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Instructor(s): TJ Walker

Last update: 2022-03-15

What you’ll learn

  • Brain Training
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Neuroscience
  • Train your brain
  • You will learn to train your brain to think more intelligently



  • A willingness to train your brain to focus on what is important for your life



The Complete Brain Training Course – Neuroplasticity –
Brain Training for the Modern Smart Phone Era! You Can Train Your Brain to Think More Clearly and Creatively

Brain training is essential if you want do you live up to your full potential as a human being. Your brain is your most important organ, therefore it is essential that you train it for peak performance.

Like it or not, every single day your brain is being trained. Unfortunately, it’s being trained to be reactive, to shorten his attention span, and to give you hits of dopamine when new Facebook likes come in and text messages appear on your phone.

Your brain is being shaped and conditioned by every single thing you read, watch, view, listen to and experience. If you are not actively controlling what gets inside your brain, you are giving power to other people and forces who may not have your best interests at heart.

Personal development expert TJ Walker will teach you how to shape and condition and, yes, train your brain to think clearly, efficiently, creatively, and in your own best interest. Using his unique and proprietary SelfieSpeak Programming (SSP) method, Walker will guide you through a step-by-step process for conditioning your brain for maximum performance.

Do you ever feel like your brain is rotting? Or that you’re just not learning or absorbing as much as you used to or that you should? Then, this brain training course is for you.

Our brains are remarkably malleable. Neuroplasticity is just a fancy way of saying that your brain is like plastic; it can be molded and bent in any shape or form. The key is to figure out a system to actively shape your own brain so that it molds itself into a form that optimizes learning, creativity, insight, analysis, rationality, and enlightened feeling and emotion.

Your brain can grow and improve at any age! It is never too late to stimulate your brain and strengthen it and improve it! If you are ready to reach your full potential as a human being, then you must train your brain to perform at optimum levels.

If you own a cell phone and have a willingness to learn, you can begin to train your brain right now To learn faster and more efficiently, and more creatively than ever before. Enroll in this brain training course today.

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:

“The course helps me a lot,to train my brain and work more positively. And I will say the course is impressive and great.” Saif Ali

”Awesome course, Serious best Personal Development course” Gaurav Kumar

“Loved this course, and intend to repeat it. Everything about it resonated with me, (except the part about sleeping less). I’m not fully convinced about that, having got up at 4.30 am for many years, and now finding myself less efficient, on more sleep. Overall, this course has helped me to to see, why one has to embrace wholeheartedly, the practices that need to be done, to achieve success, and to maintain it.” Miliza Scarano

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Who this course is for

  • Business executives
  • CEOs
  • Students
  • Self-Development students
  • Self-improvement students
  • Anyone who isn’t thinking up to their true potential


Course content

  • Braining Training To Live Your Optimum Life
    • The Complete Brain Training Course – Neuroplasticity – Promo Video
    • Quick Win! Train Your Brain to Remember Everyone’s Name
    • This Brain Training Course Is For You If…
    • Don’t Forget – This Course Is Being Taught By a Real Person
    • Meet Your Brain’s Worst Enemy and Your Brain’s Greatest Ally
    • Your Brain Wants and Needs More Sleep
    • Your Brain Needs Downtime Beyond Sleep
    • Exercise Your Whole Body To get Your Brain In Shape
    • Brain Training Won’t Help Read Minds
    • Train Your Brain the Way Big Corporations Train Your Brain
    • De-Stress Your Life To Build More Brain Power
  • Train Your Brain to Have Focus and Concentration
    • You Are Training Your Brain Every Second of the Day to Focus On Your Interests
    • Throw Away the Concept of MultiTasking to Increase Your Focus 100x
    • It Has Never Been Easier AND Harder to Focus on What Is Important
    • The Secret of the Stars – Daily Meditation
    • Mastery Your Daily Focus By Planning Each Day In Advance
    • This Is How You Will Get the Most Out of This Course
    • Deep Focus Creates Deep Mastery and Then Higher Success
    • The Less You Do, the More You Succeed
  • Become the Master of Your Own Daily Habits
    • Focus Mastery Starts with Mastering Strong Daily habits
    • Life Is the Sum of your Daily habits
    • Breakthroughs Come From Daily Mundane Work
    • The SelfieSpeak Audio Solution
    • Creating Your own Audios Is Always Better
    • Your Daily Habits SelfieSpeak Audio
  • You Can Gain Focus On What Content Goes Into Your Brain
    • Consume Content On Purpose, Don’t Let Content Consume You
    • The Source of Your Pollution
    • A News Junkie is still a Junkie
    • Your Perfect Media Diet
    • Best Email Practices
    • Cell Phone Hygiene
    • Block, Tackle, Turn Off
    • Schedule Your Cell Phone Time for maximum Productivity and Happiness
    • SelfieSpeak Audio to Gain Control of Your Cell Phone
  • Focus Only On STUFF That Really Matters
    • Don’t Let THINGS Consume Your Life
    • The Overabundance of Stuff is Crowing Out Thought
    • Kondo Is One Important Piece of the Puzzle
    • Easiest solution Don’t buy junk in the First Place
    • Exceptions to the No clutter rule – Probably Not You
    • Throw Stuff Away To Clear Your thoughts
    • Get Ready for Your Selfie speak audio
    • You Control Your Possessions
  • More Focus At Meal Times Will Give You More Focus Everywhere Else
    • Mastering Focus On What Goes In Your Mouth
    • The Third Big Overabundance
    • It Is OK to Be Hungry Occasionally
    • Everything You Need to know About Eating
    • Don_t Worry about How You Look to Others But How Your Body Feels to You
    • Most of Us Have to fight the Battle of the Bulge
    • Stop looking for the magic Bullet, Pill or Potion
    • There are No Obese 95 year olds
    • Gimmicks Don_t Work in the Long Run
    • It’s hard to Create or Transform If You Are Stuffing Your Face all Day Long
    • There is No Sugar-Coating it, Everything Is covered with Sugar These Days
    • You Need a Way to Eat in the Real World
    • Yes Fad Diets Will Work In the Short-term
    • Eating with Mindfulness Is the Answer
    • Water Is the Go-To Beverage
    • Eat Until Full and Stuffed, Or Satisfied
    • Get Ready for Your Own SelfieSpeak Audio for Your Own Food Consumption
    • Eat to Live SelfieSpeak Audio
  • It’s Easier to Focus on Higher Level Goals When You are At High Health Levels
    • Pain-Free Focus Mastery
    • Pain Free Creation
    • Proactive Eating Habits
    • Recharging the Batteries for Maximum Performance
    • There Is Always Time for Exercise
    • Ready to Smile at Your Premier
    • Don’t Drown in the Sea of Bad Health Advice
    • Prepare for Your Health SelfieSpeak Programming
    • Your SelfieSpeak Health Programming
  • Great Focus Will Lead to Greater Creativity
    • Focus Mastery Will Lead You To Becoming a Creator
    • Identifying Your Creative Dreams
    • Don’t Be a Positive Thinker All the Time
    • Don’t Just Follow Your Passion
    • This is Creativity
    • If You Learn to Type, You Can Learn to Create
    • Developing the Creative Outlook
    • Turning Thoughts Into Creations
    • Your Creations Are a Net Positive to the World
    • You Can Be Creative or Conventional In Every Single Field
    • Who Are Your Top 5 Creators of All Time
    • Creativity Is An Outlook That Will Cover Every Inch of Your Life
  • The Magic of Solitude
    • Solitude Will Let You Focus On What Is Truly Important
    • The Magic of Solitude
    • The Magic of Constant, Focused Thought
    • Turn On Solitude with the OFF Button
    • Meditation Is Popular for a Reason
    • It Is Difficult to Do Nothing
    • Walk Your Way to Success
    • Solitude Used to Be Easy, Now it is Hard
    • Get Ready to Create Your Solitude habits
    • Your SelfieSpeak Solitude Programming
  • Time for Deep-Work
    • Entering Your Deep-Work Flow State
    • Daily Deep Work Is Essential for Creative Success
    • Program Yourself to do Deep Work Daily
    • Deep Work SelfieSpeak Programming
  • Focus to the End
    • Focus Means Finishing and Shipping
    • Ship Your Creation Now
  • Conclusion to Complete Brain Training Course
    • One Last Chance to Make This Course Better for Your Permanent Learning Library
    • We Are Close to the End – Not Too late…
    • Your Brain Needs Feedback to Improve
    • Here Is How You Can Get your Certificate of Completion for this Course
    • Congratulations! You Have Now Trained Your Brain for Success


The Complete Brain Training Course - Neuroplasticity -The Complete Brain Training Course - Neuroplasticity -

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