🇮🇳 The Complete Day Trading Master Course in Hindi | Intraday

🇮🇳 The Complete Day Trading Master Course in Hindi | Intraday

The Complete Day Trading Master Course in Hindi | Intraday

Learn day trading concepts with 15 intraday strategy and golden intraday psychological points.

Language: hindi

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Instructor(s): Vikash Chaudhary

Last update: 2022-11-15

What you’ll learn

  • Completely understand how the day trading work
  • Learn Intraday trading setup and watch-list
  • Understand day trading money management and risk management
  • Get access of more then 10 day trading strategy



  • No trading experience needed



What is Day Trading?

Day trading is the exercise of purchasing and promoting shares in a brief time frame, usually a day. The purpose is to earn a tiny income on every exchange which compounds the profits over time. With the upward push of online inventory agents like Robinhood and reasonably-priced or lost trades, day buying and selling have become a viable (albeit very risky) manner for retail traders to show some days’ really well worth of brief wins right into a vast bankroll.

“Successful day traders deal with it like a full-time job, now no longer simply hasty buying and selling accomplished among commercial enterprise conferences or at lunch.” In exercise, however, retail traders have a tough time creating wealth thru day buying and selling. 2010 a look at via way of means of Brad Barber at the University of California, Davis, shows that simply 1% of day investors continually earn cash. They have a look at tested trades over a 14-yr period, from 1992 to 2006.

The very small wide variety who do make cash continually dedicate their days to the exercise, and it will become a full-time job, now no longer simply hasty buying and selling accomplished among commercial enterprise conferences or at lunch. If this all feels like a piece extra hazard than you’re inclined to take on, you may do what many traders do: have interaction in the lengthytime period, buy-and-keep making an investment in a well-assorted portfolio containing low-fee index finances and ETFs. Make everyday investments into the account and permit the electricity of developing organizations to lead your portfolio to lengthytime period profits. It’s now no longer as thrilling as day buying and selling, however, it’s miles much more likely to develop your wealth over a lengthy-time period. However, if day buying and selling is something you need to try, study as a lot as you may approximately the approach first.

Can you make money in Day Trading?

Most of the time, day trading isn’t profitable, however, it is able to be profitable. Investors occasionally prevail at predicting a stock’s moves and raking in six-determine income with the aid of using correctly timing the market. These investors can be dabbling in penny shares to gain their oversized returns, or they’ll surely get fortunate on occasion — as many humans do at casinos every day. You may also pay attention to tales of a few investors creating wealth in expert settings, leaving their funding firms, and calling themselves “successful” day investors — however without ever having risked their very own cash in any trades!

A non-expert investor seeking to examine day trading the usage of his or her very own cash is not likely to prevail. On uncommon occasions, a character investor can seize explosive gains. But a ways extra not unusual place are the times of day buying and selling ruining lives or economic situations.

Is Day trading Gambling?

It’s honest to mention that day trading and playing are very similar. The dictionary definition of playing is “the exercise of risking cash or different stakes in a recreation or bet.” When you place a day trade, you are having a bet that the random fee actions of a specific inventory will fashion withinside the route which you want. In the identical manner that professional poker gamers observe and exercise relentlessly to excel in recreation, the few a success day traders (who can be at institutions) have a tendency to be extraordinarily well-versed in how markets flow withinside the brief term.

If an amateur poker participant had been to assignment a desk of experts, she or he may also conceivably win one or palms but could nearly simply lose cash overall. While day trading isn’t exactly similar to playing, one aspect stays genuine approximately the exercise: Most of the time, it isn’t profitable.


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Who this course is for

  • Beginner who want to learn day trading


Course content

  • Basic of Day Trading
    • What is day trading
    • Day Trading vs Investing
    • Advantage and Disadvantage of Day trading
    • Recommended broker for Day trader
    • Why intraday trader loss money
    • Capital Requirement for Intraday trading
    • Choosing right stocks
    • Intraday Watch list management
    • Intraday Timeframe management
    • Intraday Order Window
    • how to put Stop loss in day trading
    • Relationship between Quantity and Stop loss-Very Important
  • Strategy for Day Trading
    • Day Trading Strategy = PDC
    • Day Trading Strategy = PDC on Chart
    • IBC
    • 10:45
    • How to make 10:45 strategy
    • Rectangular Strategy
  • Indicators made by Me
    • IBC Indicator
    • CP Indicator
    • W&F Indicator
    • Profit Aim Indicator
    • Profit Maker Indicator
  • Gifts
    • Gift for you


🇮🇳 The Complete Day Trading Master Course in Hindi | Intraday🇮🇳 The Complete Day Trading Master Course in Hindi | Intraday

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