The Complete Hypnotherapy Course: Hypnosis Certification

The Complete Hypnotherapy Course: Hypnosis Certification

The Complete Hypnotherapy Course: Hypnosis Certification

Hypnotherapy – Hypnosis – Self-Hypnosis Become a Hypnotherapy Expert – Gain Hypnotherapy Certification

Language: english

Note: 4.6/5 (241 notes) 24,570 students

Instructor(s): Striker Corbin

Last update: 2022-11-23

What you’ll learn

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnosis
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Healthy Mindset
  • How to establish a Hypnosis Practice
  • Mindfulness



  • A willingness and desire to learn about hypnotherapy and its uses



Complete Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy Course
Hypnotherapy – Hypnosis – Self-Hypnosis Become a Hypnotherapy Expert – Gain Hypnotherapy Certification

Master the uses of hypnosis in improving your life or working with others.

Interested in learning to use hypnosis for yourself or in working with others?  Hypnotist, Professional Speaker, and Success Coach, Striker Corbin takes his 20+ years of experience and breaks it all down for you.

  • How to use Hypnosis to improve your life

  • Learn to create hypnotic inductions

  • Discover the tools that make you a more effective hypnotist

  • Daily course lectures designed to keep you focused

  • Step by step instructions on how to conduct a hypnosis session

  • Downloadable hypnosis scripts, handouts, and resources

  • How to set up your office, intake forms, record your sessions, and more

The course begins with an introduction to what hypnosis is and what are the practical uses for hypnosis. After learning what hypnosis is, you will learn how to be a hypnotist with step by step techniques that are easy to understand and use.  Striker shares his insights and tips that have won him accolades from clients across the globe.  Third, you will learn how to operate and run your hypnotherapy practice. This course not only gives you the information you need but provides you with the handouts and supplemental tools for obtaining, working with, and succeeding with clients.

Learn exactly how hypnosis works from one of the most successful teachers and coaches. The lessons break down exactly what you need to know to get started and to begin using hypnosis immediately.  Check out Striker’s other highly rated courses.


Who this course is for

  • Individuals looking to learn about hypnosis and hypnotherapy to improve their or their clients lives
  • People looking to start a hypnotherapy practice


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Welcome! Learn how to use hypnosis & Build your practise
    • What IS hypnosis?
    • Hypnosis uses
    • Quick Success Tip!
    • Challenge Exercise: Learn to change your thinking & destructive habits
    • Can anyone be hypnotized?
    • Learn the Levels of Consciousness needed for effective hypnosis
    • Types of Hypnosis
    • What does hypnosis feel like?
    • Who are the best hypnosis subjects?
    • Mythbuster!
  • Start using Hypnosis
    • How long is a hypnosis session?
    • Breakdown of a hypnosis session
    • This simple beginning 10 Count works every time
    • Learn the Staircase Deepener
    • Learn the Blackboard Deepener
    • Things you need to know!
    • Use the “Arm Drop” test
    • Increase your success rate, use this “convincer”!
    • You will not able to move your arms suggestion
    • Try the “Eyes Locked Shut” suggestion / convincer
    • Smoking Cessation Script
    • Weight Loss Script
    • Give proper hypnotic suggestions
    • Sample Hypnosis session with Striker
    • Passive or authoritative suggestions?
  • Build your Practice
    • Intake Form – What info do you need?
    • Pre-Hypnosis Session Talk
    • Post Hypnosis Session Talk
    • Handouts and Take Aways
    • Recording the session
    • Make sure your client knows this
    • View of office setup
    • Create your own hypnosis recordings
    • Promote your business – Create memes
    • Final words from Striker
    • Additional resource
    • One Last Chance to Make This Course Better for Your Permanent Learning Library
    • Certification of Completion from Striker Corbin, LLC


The Complete Hypnotherapy Course: Hypnosis CertificationThe Complete Hypnotherapy Course: Hypnosis Certification

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