The Complete Mergers & Acquisitions Master Class!

The Complete Mergers & Acquisitions Master Class!

The Complete Mergers & Acquisitions Master Class!

Your Comprehensive Guide to become an Expert of M&A in a very dynamic globalized Business World, ACE THE DEAL!

Language: english

Note: 4.4/5 (117 notes) 1,267 students

Instructor(s): Sameh Elsayed

Last update: 2022-06-11

What you’ll learn

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) – Business valuation – Business analysis – Business growth – Business decision-making
  • Corporate strategy – Due Diligence – Market and competition analysis – corporate culture – Anti-trust & Anti-Monopoly laws



  • Have an idea about business, Accounting and Finance
  • Microsoft Excel basics
  • You must have passion as well!



Please leave me alone !!!!!!!!!!!

Why would I take that course and learn Mergers and Acquisitions ?????????????????????

A good question, but if you think that your company is far away from mergers and Acquisitions, you are wrong!!!

What wrong? why do you say so Sam?

Because, all companies are looking for synergies and alliances to strengthen their position in the market. Mergers and acquisition can provide a safe path for growing businesses. Look around you, read Finance articles and watch Business shows, you would know that mergers and Acquisitions are closer to you than you might think. If you search for past Mergers and Acquisitions deals, you would believe my words. Look at the Chinese and American markets and see how many deals took place already and how many cases are under negotiations by now?

It’s time to learn the concepts of M&A and equip yourself with the necessary skills to be ready, in case your company decided to go into Mergers and Acquisitions!

What are you waiting for? let’s hop right in !!!!

Mergers and Acquisitions explained step by step and made easy.

Topics covered are:

  • Mergers and Acquisition definitions

  • Types of Mergers and Acquisition from multiple angles

  • Legal aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Synergies and benefits of M&A

  • Drawbacks of M&A

  • Pre-acquisition steps

  • Post-Acquisition steps

  • Business valuation techniques and approaches with practical examples

  • Funding and Consideration sources

  • M&A negotiations and managerial tactics

  • Organic corporate growth

  • Corporate life cycle

  • Tax implications of M&A

  • Anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws

  • Techniques to counter attack a hostile Acquisition

  • Due Diligence for a target company

  • Business analysis and techniques

  • Corporate strategy and planning

  • Past Mergers and Acquisition transactions’ statistics

  • Some successful M&A real cases in detail and many other things

  • Recommendations and quick wins to managers


Who this course is for

  • Business & law students, Accountants, Finance officers, Finance managers, Business analysts, Financial analysts, Entrepreneurs, any one interested in business
  • Enthusiasts and Aspirants in the field of Business, Law, Accounts, Finance, and Entrepreneurship


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Table Of Contents
    • Course overview
    • Expectations out of the course
    • Tutor’s intro
  • What are Mergers and Acquisition
    • Doubt over definitions of M&A
    • Acquisition definition
    • Mergers definition
  • Legal aspects of M&A
    • Legal form of Acquisitions
    • Legal form of Mergers
    • Legal Integeration Forms
  • Types of Mergers and Acquisitions (based on industry, products, and services)
    • Types of M&A based on industry
    • Vertical M&A
    • Vertical M&A example
    • Horizontal M&A
    • Conglomerate M&A
    • Conglomerate M&A and risk
    • Concentric M&A
    • Pre-Acquisition Checklist
    • Types of mergers and acquisition based on industry, product & services
  • Types of Mergers and Acquisitions (based on company form)
    • Types of M&A based on company form
    • Private target company
    • Public target company
    • Engagement & Coming together!
  • Friendly or hostile take-over?
    • Friendly or hostile take-over
    • Friendly take-over
    • Hostile take-over
    • Types of mergers and acquisition based on target Co form & hostile or friendly
  • How to resist a hostile take-over?
    • Techniques to counter attack a hostile take over
    • Golden Parachute
    • Poison Pill
    • Self-Tender
    • Greenmail
    • Pac-Man
    • White Knight
    • Asset Spinoff
    • People Pill technique
    • Anti-hostile take-over techniques
  • Pre-acquisition steps
    • pre-acquisition steps brief
    • Determine Growth Markets/Services
    • Identify Merger and Acquisition Candidates
    • Assess Strategic Financial Position and Fit
    • Make a Go/No Decision
    • Perform business Valuation
    • Perform Due Diligence, Negotiate , and Execute Transaction
    • Real life engagement case scenario
    • Pre-acquisition steps
  • Post-acquisition steps
    • Post-acquisition steps
    • Top Executives & Stakeholders
    • Diligence Team Members
    • Human Resources (HR)
    • A Change Management Expert team
    • Post-Acquisition Checklist
    • Post Acquisition integration
  • Synergies and benefits of M&A
    • Synergies of M&A
    • Cost synergies
    • Revenue synergies
    • Financial synergies
    • Marketing synergies
  • Disadvantages of M&A
    • Disadvantages of M&A
    • Clash of Cultures
    • Diseconomies of Scale
    • Consumer Perceptions
    • The Layoffs Dilemma
    • Higher Consumer Prices
    • Economies vs diseconomies of scale!
  • Modes of Payment & Deal settlement
    • Payment modes
    • Cash payment
    • Securities payment
    • Fixed shares or Fixed value approach?
    • Leveraged buyout
    • Payments MCQs
  • Organic growth & Corporate life cycle
    • Organic Growth
    • Corporate life cycle
    • At what stage M&A is preferred
    • Decision to go for M&A
    • Organic growth MCQs
    • Growth opportunity Case study – CEO
  • Valuation Techniques & Tactics
    • Valuation Techniques
    • Assets based Valuation
    • Assets based valuation example
    • Income based valuation technique
    • Income based valuation example
    • Income-Based Valuation Example Advanced
    • Market based valuation technique
    • Market based valuation example
    • Business Goodwill!
    • Business valuation techniques – MCQs
    • Assets based valuation case – SAMO CO.
  • Quick wins
    • Cash Vs Shares settlement
    • Single-bidder Vs Multi-bidders target co
    • Big Vs Small target co
    • MCQs
  • Past M&A statistics & Trends
    • Ranking of top 10 Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Number and value of cross border M&A
    • Number and value of hostile M&A
    • M&A number and value per country
    • Number and value of mergers of equals
    • Number and value of mega M&A
    • Past M&A deals in India
  • Real Market Cases, WIN-WIN Deals
    • Disney and Pixar/ Marvel Acquisition
    • Google and Android Acquisition
    • Pfizer and Warner Lambert Acquisition
  • Business analysis – PORTERS 5 FORCES
    • Porter’s 5 Forces
    • Threats of new entrants
    • Threats of substitutes
    • Bargaining power of customers
    • Bargaining power of suppliers
    • Competitive rivalry
  • Business analysis – PESTEL Model
    • PESTEL technique
    • Political aspects
    • Economical aspects
    • Socio-cultural aspects
    • Technological aspects
    • Environmental aspects
    • Legal aspects
  • Business analysis – SWOT Model
    • SWOT analysis overview
    • SWOT analysis continued
    • Strengths aspect
    • Weaknesses aspect
    • Opportunities aspect
    • Opportunities continued
    • Threats aspect
    • Case Study
  • Deal Negotiations and Managerial Tactics
    • The Letter Of Intent (LOI)
    • Negotiations after The Letter Of Intent (LOI)
    • Importance of Negotiations
    • What to do before negotiations start?
    • What to do during negotiations?
    • What to do after negotiations?
    • Covid-19 & Europe
  • Deal Structure & Tax Implications
    • Tax impacts and consequences of M&A
    • Stock purchase transaction
    • Pros & Cons of Stock purchase transaction
    • Assets purchase transaction
    • Pros & Cons of Assets purchase transaction
  • Role of Investment Banking In M&A
    • Investment Banking Overview
    • Levels Of Engagement With Investment Banking
    • Role of Investment Banking In M&A
    • Business Valuation Services
    • Provision of Financing
    • Value Creation not value destruction
    • Confidential Information Memorandum
    • Investment Teaser
  • Management buyout (MBO) & buy-in (MBI)
    • Unlike a normal M&A transaction
    • Management Buyout (MBO)
    • Management Buy-In (MBI)
  • Anti-trust & Anti-monopoly laws
    • What is anti-trust laws
    • Extracts from AntI- trust laws
    • Anti trust and Anti monopoly laws
  • M&A and Intellectual Property Rights
    • What is Intellectual Property?
    • IP-Related Issues!
  • M&A and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
    • M&A and ERM
    • Areas to be Analyzed by ERM Team
    • Failed M&A due to Lack of ERM
  • Wrapping up and Conclusion
    • Wrapping up and conclusion
    • Wrap up
    • Conclusion
  • Multiple Lectures
    • M&A- It’s like marriage!!
    • Power of customers over companies!
    • Change management team
    • Covid-19 and Corporate Risk Management
  • Final assessment
    • Final course assessment


The Complete Mergers & Acquisitions Master Class!

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