The Complete Mobile Notary Business Course

The Complete Mobile Notary Business Course

The Complete Mobile Notary Business Course

Start a notary business from home and learn Notary loan signing, real estate signing, Bankruptcy assistance and more

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Instructor(s): Martin Yanev

Last update: 2022-08-31

What you’ll learn

  • Step-by-Step guide to becoming a Notary Public
  • Learn mobile loan signing, real estate signing and bankruptcy assistance
  • Build your own notary business
  • Learn to promote and connect your mobile notary business
  • Practice day-to-day notary operations
  • Get real examples by reviewing case studies
  • Information on your notary stamp
  • Learn valuable notary time saving tools
  • Working with signing company
  • Build and review your own notary schedule
  • Obtaining Employer Identification Number(EIN)



  • Everyone with the desire to start their own Notary business



The Complete Mobile Notary Business Course will take you all the way to building your own notary business and make up to $200 per hour. You will learn how to easily register and do services such as Mobile Loan Signing, Real Estate Signing, Bankruptcy assistance and more.

What this course includes?

This course is is your step-by-step guide to becoming a notary public and launching a successful and lucrative business. Included in the course are state-specific resources, industry terminology, and resources you can use to make the career and business launch seamless and within reach. Whether you are starting out as a notary or already established in the field, you will quickly learn each state’s application process, training, and exam requirements to advance to the next level in your career and your business. This course delves into the state laws that preside over the practice of notaries, which is invaluable at any stage of your notary career.

Your learning experience.

You will learn how to open your own notary business, work as a mobile signing agent, how to put your notary business on autopilot, and how to hire and manage employees. You will discover some of the types of industries a notary can provide services and the fees charged for the notary services. The nuances of the notary business are explained and techniques on how to handle them are provided — from charging for traveling fees and handling no-shows and emergency notarization.

Not only does this course cover the basics of the notary business, but it also includes business forms, contracts, sample business plans, myriad checklists, day-to-day operation information, information on your notary stamp, and valuable time-saving tools that every business owner should have in his or her arsenal.

Benefits of being a mobile notary.

One of the main benefits of launching a career as a notary is you do not need a college degree to become a successful, in-demand, and practicing notary agent. The notary business also makes a perfect career for a stay-at-home mom, retirees, those re-entering the work force, discharged military, or someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit because it is a career that offers endless possibilities for success and career advancement.


Who this course is for

  • Regular professionals seeking mobile notary public career
  • Notary publics
  • Notary business owners
  • Law school graduates and students


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Notary Business
  • Notary Business
    • Notary Basics
    • Who Needs a Notary Public
    • Case Study: The Passion For Becoming a Notary
  • Becoming a Notary
    • Becoming a Notary
    • Tools of the Trade: Notary Supplies
    • Notary Supplies Checklist
    • Case Study: Commitment to Being a Notary
  • Becoming a Mobile Notary
    • How to Become a Mobile Notary?
    • Case Study: Mobile Notary Service
  • Other Notary Services
    • Other Notary Services
    • Working With a Signing Company
    • Working with Real Estate Agents
    • Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Service
    • Branching into Weddings
  • Laws and Ethics
    • Laws and Ethics
    • GLBA and Its Effect on NSAs
    • Understanding Copyrights and Trademarks
    • Copyright and Trademark Issues
    • Ethics of Notary
  • Getting Set Up
    • Getting Started
    • Case Study: Fill-time Notary Lifestyle
    • Business Basics
    • Creating Your Schedule
    • Reviewing Your Schedule
    • General Partnership
    • Limited Liability Company
    • Bonding & Business Insurance
    • Logos & Trademarks
    • Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Establishing an Office
    • Establishing an Office
    • Flixtime Office Space
    • Shared Office Space
    • Furniture, Equipment and other Business Essentials
    • Professional Help and Support
    • Permit and Licenses
  • Create a Winning Business Plan
    • Create a Winning Business Plan
    • Parts of a Business Plan
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Operations, Strategies and Projections
  • Managing Finances and Business Budget
    • Managing Finances and Budgets
    • Controlling Costs
    • Accounting 101
    • The Methods of Accounting
  • Marketing
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Using Social Media and Networking
    • Targeting Your Market
    • Developing a Mindset for Marketing
    • Attracting the Next Client
    • Generating Publicity for Your Notary Business
    • Case Study: Just Be Genuine


The Complete Mobile Notary Business Course

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