The Complete Python 3 Course for Beginners | Learn By Doing

The Complete Python 3 Course for Beginners | Learn By Doing

The Complete Python 3 Course for Beginners | Learn By Doing

Learn to code in Python. The fastest growing programming language. Develop your skill using coding exercises

Language: english

Note: 4.0/5 (149 notes) 17,044 students

Instructor(s): Chikanma Chika-Onuegbu

Last update: 2020-07-30

What you’ll learn

  • Computational Thinking
  • Master the fundamentals in Python
  • Handle and debug errors
  • Brainstorming by testing your abilities in Coding Exercises
  • Object-Oriented programming
  • Use dictionaries, lists to store data efficiently in code
  • File Handling
  • Improve your efficiency in code using for and while loops
  • Use multiple IDES
  • Understand how to work with modules
  • Learn the prerequisite skills needed to learn other Python specific branches such as Machine Learning, Web Development etc



  • Laptop with internet connection



The Complete Python 3 Beginner’s Course  is a Python course suited for beginner’s and intermediates in Python. This course contains everything you need to know to begin programming in Python. So look no further, Unlike a lot of other courses, This course has a decent amount of coding exercises and that is the best way anyone can grow by practice and not just by simply watching videos. The manner in which this course is taught assume that the learner has no previous learning experience. This course is the foundation of journey with programming with Python.

The course will cover the basics of Python such as variables, if statements, while loop etc but then it also covers more advanced topics such as Object Oriented Programming, File Handling and Handling Data using Lists and Dictionaries. So no matter what Python specific branch, you are interested in such as Machine Learning, Web and Game Development. This course will provide you with the prerequisite skills needed to successfully complete such journeys. I ensured tried to ensure that this course did not contain unnecessary classes in order to make it look long. I focused on making it concise so in order to boost completion rate.

There is no risk in joining this course

The course is backed up by 30-days no questions asked money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose. You have a course that offers a life changing skills that cannot be unlearn and if you do not like this course. You can decide to get your money refunded in full. So what are you waiting for.

And if you are unsure of whether your want to learn Python, you should know that Python is the fastest growing programming language. It is used by top companies all over the world such as Google, Facebook, NASA etc. The reason why Python is so well respected is that irrespective of the fact that it is very easy to learn, It can carry out many operations,


Who this course is for

  • People who are absolute beginners in Python
  • People who are new to programming in general
  • People who are experienced in other languages but not Python
  • Intermediates in Python
  • People who need a refresher course in Python


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Welcome to Python
    • Downloading Python 3
    • Navigating Python 3 IDLE
    • Install and Setup PyCharm
  • Types & Variables
    • Strings
    • Quote Display
    • Integers & Floats
    • Basic Math Operators
    • Variables
    • Comments
    • Type Function
  • Concatenation
    • String Concatenation
    • Integer, Float and String Addition with Commas
  • Basic Default Functions & Keywords
    • User Input & Input Prompts
    • Project : Mad Libs Generator
    • Boolean String Test
    • String Format Methods
    • Input Formatting
    • Searching strings with the “in” keyword
    • format method
    • Escape Sequences
  • Functions
    • Functions Explained
    • docstring
    • Function Parameters and Arguments
    • return keyword
    • Functions with Multi-Parameters
    • Function Coding Exercise
  • Working with Modules
    • User-Defined Modules
    • Built-in Modules
    • Modules
  • Conditionals
    • if, else or pass
    • Conditional with Boolean String Tests
    • Comparison Operators
    • Conditionals with Comparison Operators
    • Article: String Comparison
    • String Comparison
    • elif
    • Casting and casting with input
    • Casting 2
    • Conditionals with Logical Operators
    • Nesting Conditionals
    • Project: Age Calculator
    • Project: Simple Keylogger
  • Errors & Troubleshooting
    • Errors & Troubleshooting
  • While Loop & Incrementing Variables
    • while True
    • Incrementing & Decrementing variables
    • while Loop with Boolean string Tests
    • while Loop with Boolean comparison
    • Project : While Loop
  • Index
    • String Index
    • Negative Index
  • Index Slicing
    • Access substrings
    • Access by step size
    • Reverse
  • Returning String Information
    • length
    • find
    • count
  • Lists
    • Creating and accessing list
    • Appending to a list
    • Replacing items in a list
    • Inserting new items into a list
    • del keyword
    • pop
    • remove
    • empty list returns False
    • extend
    • reverse
  • Dictionaries
    • Dictionaries Basics
    • Dictionaries Basics 2
    • del and len
    • Casting to list
  • for loop
    • Iterating strings
    • Iterating substrings
    • Iterating Lists
    • Project : for loop w/ list
    • Iterating Dictionaries
    • Using comparison operators while iterating Lists
    • Range stop
    • Range start, stop
    • Range start, stop, step
    • .sort() and sorted keyword
    • split and join
  • FIle Handling
    • Reading Files in Python
    • Relative paths
    • Write and Append
    • with
    • Project : File Handling
  • Object-Oriented Programming
    • What is Object Oriented Programming
    • Classes vs Objects vs Instances
    • Declaring a Class and Creating an Instance
    • Methods & Initialization Method
    • Project : Cars
    • Adding Parameters to our Constructor
    • Instance Variable Search Order
    • Combining Classes
    • Combining Classes
    • dunderscore str method
    • Class and Instance Variables
    • Inheritance : Single and Multilevel
    • Inheritance : Calling Parent’s Method


The Complete Python 3 Course for Beginners | Learn By DoingThe Complete Python 3 Course for Beginners | Learn By Doing

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