The Complete Qt – QML with C++

The Complete Qt - QML with C++

The Complete Qt – QML with C++

A complete course on Qt quick and QML.

Language: english

Note: 4.0/5 (103 notes) 5,863 students

Instructor(s): Gaurav Datir

Last update: 2021-01-18

What you’ll learn

  • How to build UI in Qt-QML framework.
  • Create cross platform UI application with Qt – QML and c++
  • Integrating QML and CPP for data and controllers.
  • Qt-QML- Layouts, positioning, Components, User Inputs, Animations, themes
  • Qt – Signal and slots, Event systems, Event filtering
  • Qt- Threads – working with signal and slots
  • Overview of Qt-Core and Qt-Quick Internals
  • Language Internationalization – basic
  • Project Configurations
  • Binding and Connections
  • Overview of Java script environment
  • QML Item: Path line, Path Quad



  • Basic understanding of C++



A complete guide for Qt-QML with C++.

This course covers all the basic and fundamental concepts for QT-QML development, which would be helpful for beginners.

This course includes all the advanced and intermediate topics in QML development with C++. A detailed explanation and examples about various QML constructs. A dedicated section covers integration of C++ and QML interns of models and controllers.

All the examples codes and projects are available as downloadable resources in respective sections. This will help users to practice and tryout the programming concepts learned in this course.


Who this course is for

  • UI/UX professionals
  • Software developers
  • Computer science students
  • Professionals from Medical, Industrial Automation, Automotive, IOT domain
  • Beginner Qt developer
  • Beginner C++ developers.


Course content

  • Introduction and overview
    • Introduction and course overview
    • Overview of framework
    • Qt Download and Installation
  • Project configuration and setup
    • Project configuration files – Qt Quick Project Example
    • Settings, Project templates, General configuration
  • Overview of Qt Module and Base classes
    • Qt Modules – Qt Core, Qt GUI
    • Qt Classes : QCoreApplication , QGuiApplication, QApplication
    • QCoreApplication example
    • QGuiApplication Example
    • Overview of Qt Quick, Qt Quick Controls
    • Overview – JavaScript Environment for QML Applications
    • Quiz for Overview of Qt modules
  • QtQuick – QML Applications
    • Qt Quick Application Example: Application Window and Column Layout
    • QML Item – Rectangle
    • QML Item – Image
    • QML Item PathLine (With Shape)
    • QML Item PathPolyLine (With Shape gui)
    • QML Item PathQuad quadratic Bezier curve example
    • QML Item PathCubic Cubic Bezier curve – Drawing circle
    • User inputs and basic item positioning
    • QML Item Positioner : Column, Row, Grid, Flow
    • Qt Quick Layouts : GridLayout, ColumnLayout, RowLayout, StackLayout
    • Positioning with Anchors
    • Views in QtQuick: ListView, GridView, PathView.
    • Binding QML Type and Connections QML Type
    • DelegateModel QML Type and ObjectModel QML Type
  • Overview of Qt Core internals
    • Threading Basics
    • QTimer and Timer example
    • QThread – Inherited and Move To Thread
    • QThreadPool and QRunnable Example
    • WorkerScript:Threading in QML Example
    • Signals and slots overview
    • Signals and Slot Example with multi-threading.
    • Internationalization – basic example
  • Working with QML and C++
    • Interacting with QML Objects from C++
    • Exposing Attributes of C++ Types to QML
    • Overview:QML Register types and Data type conversion between QML-CPP-java script
    • Registering an Instantiable Object Type with qmlRegisterType
    • Registering Singleton types with qmlRegisterSingletonType
    • Registering Singleton instance with qmlRegisterSingletonInstance
    • Data Type Conversion Between QML and C++


The Complete Qt - QML with C++The Complete Qt - QML with C++

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