The design thinking quick start

The design thinking quick start

The design thinking quick start

innovation with design thinking

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Amin torkaman



This course will help you apply design thinking to your challenges and projects. It will help you generate ideas for new products, services or business models. It will also help you adopt solutions in manageably small increments. With  descriptions for each phase of the Design Thinking process,

you will be able to design a creative workshop for your colleagues and team members.

This course offers the hands-on information you need to use design thinking to develop innovative solutions in your work environment. It is also a guide for people who already have experience and would like to learn new methods and new ways of using Design Thinking in their work.

Here we will discuss about Design Thinking in six Phases:

1- Undestand : Is there a common understanding of the problem? Does your team understand different perspectives of the issue at hand?

2-Observe: View the world from different perspectives.

3-Synthesize: Which needs should be met?

4- Ideate: Think of as many ideas as possible

5-Test: Test with users or customers and deliver what is required

6-Prototype: Make the ideas understandable.

For each of the six phases of design thinking, we have included an introduction followed by tools and activities. This structure will allow you to guide others through working with design thinking.

During this process, we would like to encourage you to reflect on what you have learned and experienced in the individual phases.

The design thinking quick start



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