The Essential Guide to Project Management

The Essential Guide to Project Management

The Essential Guide to Project Management

The 10 Most Important Methods in Project Management

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What you’ll learn

  • Basic and practical understanding of project management methods.
  • Broad knowledge of traditional project management.
  • Concrete best practices for setting up a project charter and finding project management software.
  • Recommendations for managing personnel within projects.
  • Practical tips and best practices for planning and leadership.
  • Clear understanding of the differences between traditional and agile project management.



  • The course is designed for beginners. No previous experience is necessary.



The basis of any professional project management process is mastering project management methods. Master the ten most essential methods and lay the foundation for your successful project management:

  1. Work Breakdown Structure – The heart of project management because it makes it immediately clear what the project is about.

  2. Work Package Description – Precisely specifies the content of each work package.

  3. Milestone Plan – Provides an easy-to-understand overview of the current status and future progress.

  4. Gantt Chart – Visualizes a project’s time dimensions.

  5. Network Diagram – Visualizes, among other things, a project’s critical path and, thus, shows which work packages should not be delayed under any circumstances.

  6. Resource Plan – Provides an overview of required resources and project costs.

  7. Stakeholder Analysis – Helps to understand how to manage a project’s different stakeholders.

  8. Communication Plan – Schedules project team meetings and communications with stakeholders.

  9. Risk Plan – Definition of preventive and corrective actions for potential hazards.

  10. Quality Management Plan – Plan of measures to achieve a project’s quality objectives.

Good methodological skills are essential for success in project management. However, they alone are not enough to excel as a project manager. Soft skills are at least as important. For this reason, I will help you in the next module to become even better in the 10 most important project management soft skills:

  1. Leadership – People don’t want to be managed, they want to be led.

  2. Motivating Employees – With good project managers, employees tend to be internally motivated.

  3. Exuding Authority – If one’s own instructions are not followed to a sufficient degree, it is often due to a lack of authority.

  4. Sincere Interest in the Team – Only when everything is right on the relationship level can employees be reached on the subject level.

  5. Being a Problem Solver – In project management, creative ways of solving novel problems must be found.

  6. Resilience – Project management can be the trigger for a lot of stress, which is why it is important to develop good resilience.

  7. Communicating Effectively – A good project manager is able to quickly get to the heart of what others need to know.

  8. Managing Conflict – Good project managers are also good conflict managers.

  9. Presenting – Even non-technical stakeholders should be able to follow the presentation easily.

  10. Learning Ability – Good project managers have a positive attitude toward learning.

Now, you will have a solid understanding of how to systematically plan projects, and how to lead your team. Finally we will deepen your understanding in four supplementary videos. These cover the project charter, software in project management, the magic triangle and agile project management.

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Who this course is for

  • Anyone who wants to get involved with project management.
  • Professionals who are starting to work in projects.
  • Aspiring Project Managers.
  • Experienced project managers who want to improve their skills.


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • The 10 most important Methods in Project Management
    • Work Breakdown Structure (Method 1)
    • Work Package Description (Method 2)
    • Milestone Plan (Method 3)
    • Gantt Chart (Method 4)
    • Network Diagram Technique (Method 5)
    • Resource Plan (Method 6)
    • Stakeholder Analysis (Method 7)
    • Communication Plan (Method 8)
    • Risk Management Plan (Method 9)
    • Quality Management Plan (Method 10)
  • Supplementary Videos
    • The Project Charter (Supplementary Video 1)
    • Agile Project Management (Supplementary Video 4)
  • The 10 most important Soft Skills in Project Management
    • Being a Problem Solver (Soft Skill 5)
    • Resilience (Soft Skill 6)
    • Communicating Effectively (Soft Skill 7)
    • Managing Conflict (Soft Skill 8)
    • Presenting (Soft Skill 9)


The Essential Guide to Project ManagementThe Essential Guide to Project Management


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