The Personal Transformation Master Course

The Personal Transformation Master Course

The Personal Transformation Master Course

How to Start Your Journey Towards Healing and Living a More Fulfilling Life

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Instructor(s): Elizabeth Correia

Last update: 2022-09-15

What you’ll learn

  • How to adopt a powerful counter-intuitive strategy for becoming a confident woman
  • How to set goals according to how you want to feel
  • How to destroy negative self-talk and thinking
  • Learn powerful strategies for building self esteem
  • How to rewrite your story
  • How to discover and execute your passion
  • How to master the art of forming lasting healthy habits, from healthy eating and regular exercise to improved productivity
  • How to destroy negative self-talk and thinking
  • How to create a realistic plan to meet your newly set goals, and hold yourself accountable
  • How to handle the fear of rejection
  • How to get clear direction on what you want out of life
  • How to discover your passion and do everything with passion



  • An open mind
  • Willingness to complete assignments
  • A will to win in life
  • Willingness to implement the strategies outlined in the course



Stop Struggling For Less and Shift Into Success….Fast!

Feel Confident in ANY Room With the Personal Transformation MasterCourse!

Want to Finally Get Unstuck and Level Up?

This NEW MasterCourse Helps You Do It…

  • How to Get Bulletproof Motivation AND Stay That Way Even When Things Seem Impossible

  • Eliminate Procrastination From Your Life With This Little Known Secret

  • Unlock Laser Focused Self-Awareness So You Can Finally Get Out Of Your Own Way

  • Heal from the inside so that you can move from PAIN to PASSION to PURPOSE to PAY

Everything You Need For Lasting Transformation All In ONE Place.

Here’s What You Get Inside the Personal Transformation MasterCourse…

The Personal Transformation Framework Helps You:

  • Simply Identify Your Personal Roadblocks that Have Been Holding You Back For Years

  • ​Begin to Rebuild Your Faith So You Can Put It Into Action

  • Live a Life You Love and that Others Barely Recognize

  • Use Your Story to Elevate

In this epic Master Course, I’ll walk you through the “Re-Creation Roadmap” which is a 6 module training that will take you from self-sabotage to a powerhouse woman! This are the exact steps I took in my own healing journey to vision, plan and execute my successful speaking business. These are the foundational pieces for personal and ultimately professional success.

Follow each step of recreating yourself starting with getting out of your own way!


After you’ve gone on this journey of transformation, keeping it going is essential. What better way to stay powerful than connecting with your sisters on the same path as you?

  • Women Who Want More Out Of Life

  • ​Women Who Desire to Heal From The Inside Out

  • ​Women Stuck In A Rut Looking to Get To a Higher Level

  • Women Who Want to Use their Pain to Contribute to the Healing of the World

  • New and Aspiring Speakers

  • ​Women Searching For their Passion and Purpose


Through a series of video lectures, exercises and action steps, you’ll learn exactly how to transform your habits so that you can start to eat, move, work and live healthier.

  • Gain The Confidence, Clarity AND Belief That You Can Achieve Anything You Put Your Mind to

  • ​Empower You to Think More Positively, Organize Your Life, and Manage Your Time

  • Create a Self-Care Routine in Order to Feel Good About the Work You’re Doing & Being in the World

  • ​Start Living With Purpose, Forgive The Past, and Create Your Life Plan

  • ​Wake Up With Passion and Purpose Every Single Day

It’s Time to Smash Through Your Obstacles and  Gain the Clarity You desire in Order to Thrive!


Who this course is for

  • Women looking to overcome obstacles , achieve personal success and create a fulfilling and meaningful life.
  • Women who desire to heal from the inside out
  • Women who want more out of life
  • Women stuck in a rut looking to get to a higher level
  • Women searching for their passion & purpose


Course content

  • Your Truth
    • How to Get & Stay Motivated
    • Dealing with Procrastination
    • Self Awareness
  • Baby Steps
    • Mentorship & Your Tribe
    • How to Unlock Real Change in Any Area
  • A Healthier YOU
    • Create a Plan for Your Health
    • Leading While Healing
    • How to Eat & Exercise with Purpose
  • Re-Wire Your Brain
    • How to Create a New Belief System
    • Overcome Feelings os Inadequacy & Low Self Esteem
  • Your Passion & Purpose
    • Move from Passion to Purpose
    • How Do You Want to Feel?
    • Live Your Purpose (create micro impacts)
  • Conclusion
    • Beyond Your Comfort Zone


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