The Right Trade – Day Trading Futures

The Right Trade - Day Trading Futures

The Right Trade – Day Trading Futures

Do you want to learn how to trade the E-mini S&P 500 futures?

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Would you pay $200 for tickets to see a Formula 1 race? You would if you’re into that kind of thing. If not, would you pay that kind of money to see your favorite singer perform LIVE?

I definitely would.

But what if when you arrived you found out that they never bothered to prepare or train for the event.

And, even worse, they were late because they slept in.

What if you found they couldn’t be bothered with the “grunt work of the daily grind” and just took your money and gave you nothing in return.⁣

Would these people be paid MILLIONS for their work if they did any of the above?⁣ No.

Here’s the Mystery:

Why do people think they can simply enter the LIVE markets and EXPECT to be paid well without putting a moment of work into it?⁣

Discipline is a funny thing.

No one is born with discipline. It’s a daily practice.

The main problem really boils down to not having a specific plan for how you will respond when things don’t go like they did in a simulation. Daily practices like building the right mindset, attitude, preparation and trust are what separate YOU from breaking even (or being broke) from the BIG WINS.

The clearest common denominator for consistently winning is having a plan for how you will respond when a trade DOESN’T go like you planned.

That’s exactly what is covered step by step, with my guidance through mastery, action-taking checklists, and my ninja trading secrets.


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