The Stock Market – No Loss Wealth Generation Strategy

The Stock Market - No Loss Wealth Generation Strategy

The Stock Market – No Loss Wealth Generation Strategy

Easiest and Most simple Stock market strategy to trade on Equity,FOREX,Commodities,Futures & Options with live examples

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Instructor(s): Earn Max Investments (NISM Certified Professional – Equity & Derivatives)

Last update: 2021-10-09

What you’ll learn

  • Learn all hidden secrets, myths and trivia of the stock market.
  • Learn to identify good stocks/share to invest.
  • Learn to manage your stock investment portfolio.
  • Learn to manage the risk of stock market investments.
  • Learn to use technical analysis effectively.
  • Learn to earn consistently and grow your wealth.
  • How To Easily Read A Stock Chart Like A Pro.
  • Price Bars: Foundation Of Technical Analysis​.
  • Show you step by step how to evaluate stocks with no indicators.



  • No Prior Experience or knowledge needed on the financial markets and aspects.
  • This is a hands-on beginner to advanced course. You will learn everything thats needed right in the course.



Getting started in the stock market can be intimidiating and confusing for a beginner.This course aims to enable the audience to get a complete understanding of the Stock market and Investment techniques to earn consistently and profit. It will help the participants to gain the much awaited financial freedom and success of creating a parallel source of income.

We promise to help you cover your fees paid for this course in just your first 3 trades.

All the participants irrespectively get a live handholding and lifetime Support on the Q&A section for all your doubts untill you are experienced enough to test the waters on your own.

The Objective of the course is to equip the participant with necessary stock market theoretical and practical know-how so that students can apply the same in researching equity markets for wealth creation. It introduces you to the process of how to find and analyze companies, determine the risk of a stock investment or trade, proper entry and exit time of the stock, understand why markets move the way they do, and helps you choose the right trading style for your personal goals using correct approach to financial planning. If you’re new to the stock market and want to know the basics, this is the tutorial for you!

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Who this course is for

  • Passionate about money making and growing your wealth.
  • Working professionals who are looking for a passive source of income by just spending 15 minutes of your day.
  • Students or housewives looking to generate some income while managing their day to day committments.
  • Retired professionals looking for better growth of wealth and ROI other than conventional investment methods like FDs or RDs.


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Course Introduction
    • Course Pre-requisites
  • Market Conditions And Candlestick Patterns
    • Market Conditions
    • Important Candlestick Patterns
  • Support And Resistance
    • Understanding Support and Resistance
    • Easiest Way to Draw Support and Resistance
    • Live Chart Examples : Steps in action
    • How to Enter the trade ?
    • How to Exit the trade ?
  • Backtesting the Strategy : Live Charts
    • Backtest 1
    • Backtest 2
  • Risk And Money Management
    • From an Amateur To A Professional Trader/Investor !


The Stock Market - No Loss Wealth Generation Strategy

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