TikTok Marketing 2022: Masterclass for TikTok Growth

TikTok Marketing 2022: Masterclass for TikTok Growth

TikTok Marketing 2022: Masterclass for TikTok Growth

The Exact Blueprint I used to grow over 15,000 Followers in 1 Week on Social Media

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Instructor(s): Arnold Trinh

Last update: 2022-08-02

What you’ll learn

  • Tricks to leverage TikTok algorithm to put you on the For You Page more!
  • How to make viral videos without any followers
  • Tips to increase likes/comments/shares ratio
  • Templates to have consistent content (Worksheet included)
  • Strategies to find your niche and growing an active and authentic community
  • Learn how to make content people want to watch.



  • Mindset to make videos
  • Android or iPhone device



Learn how to beat the TikTok algorithm, make videos that go viral, and strategies to optimize your account.

So, you started your TikTok account, made a few videos, and even followed some “Tik Tok gurus”

However your videos aren’t getting any traction… and you wonder why? This course will help your TikTok account blow up!

In these lectures, I’ll show you the best performing strategies to grow on TikTok in 2022. I used these same strategies to help my clients grow to over 300k+ followers and my own personal account to 20k in a few months.

I’m Arnold and I’m a full-time social media brand expert. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to help them grow their brands with social media.

This Tik Tok bootcamp teaches you exactly how to understand the language of Tik Tok. So you can effectively plan out your account and videos and film in a way that excelss on the platform. This is the exact blueprint I use for all my TikTok marketing strategies with professional clients and my personal account. I reveal all the industry secrets in this course!

Exclusive to this course only!

  • How the TikTok algorithm works

  • How I made viral videos (and you can too!)

  • Strategies & Tools to help you generate videos consistently

  • Learn Tik Tok strategies for hashtags

  • Creating a TikTok Marketing strategy

  • TikTok Marketing Strategy to build a viral account

  • Step-By-Step guidance to help find your Niche

  • Behind the scenes of how to shoot + edit a video that gets thousands of views.

  • Analytics of a high performing account

  • Checklist on all the must-do’s when posting a video.

  • Strategies to get more engagement from your community.

Why should you trust me?

  • Worked with Fortune 500 brands to launch 7-figure campaigns

  • Social Media Instructor who has helped clients gain over 300k+ Followers

  • Over 20,000 followers on my personal TikTok page

  • Multiple viral videos with over 500,000+ views.

  • Creative Director with over 10 years experience in Content Marketing

Why take this Bootcamp?

  • Real proven experience from growing TikTok Pages

  • This is a bootcamp! I don’t want to waste your time with hours of basics(like setting up an account) and only contains actionable advice + strategies you can use today!

  • A real fast way for you to learn the essential skills needed to succeed at TikTok marketing

  • Secrets and strategies from influencers with over 1M+ Followers

  • Learn all the steps I used to get more views, likes, comments, and follows.

  • *FREE* Content Creation Cheatsheet template that I previously only shared with professional clients.

If you’re ready to start creating viral TikTok videos and grow your account… ENROLL TODAY!


Who this course is for

  • You!
  • Content Creators who want to build a community on TikTok
  • Influencer who makes videos based on providing information
  • Creative entrepreneurs


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • Strategies to Growing your Channel
    • Algorithm Essentials
    • Five Archetype of TikTok Creators
    • Secret to Success with Consistency
    • Frequency & Timing of Posts
    • Resource: Content Cheat Sheet
    • Three Types of Content
    • Post Captions
    • Hashtag Strategy
    • Tips to Getting more Engagement
  • Video Topics
    • Video Idea Generation + Videos to Make
    • Behind the Scenes (Daily Life)
    • Cuteness Factor
    • Dance Videos
    • Dialog Reeanactment
    • Experiments
    • Tutorials
    • Behind The Scenes (Perspective)
  • Shooting + Editing + Publishing your Video
    • Should I use a professional camera?
    • Shooting the Video (Sample Workflow)
    • Editing your Video
    • Engaging Element: Adding Images to Videos
    • Subtitle Formula (Advanced Method)
    • Subtitle Formula (Easy Method)
    • Subtitle Formula (Easiest Method)
    • Final Edit & Analytics
  • Conclusion
    • Final Video


TikTok Marketing 2022: Masterclass for TikTok GrowthTikTok Marketing 2022: Masterclass for TikTok Growth

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