Time saving gym workout (under 30 min)

Time saving gym workout (under 30 min)

Time saving gym workout (under 30 min)

Straightforward effective gym exercises (No B.S)

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Instructor(s): Ramzi Ennab



This program is directed to advanced people ,so if you are a beginner, kindly check out my other workout programs for beginners.

Disclaimer , this program is not meant to build you a huge amount of muscle, it is directed to advanced people who already have a good physique and want to maintain it as long as possible .

The program will be 5 days a week training every muscle group one time per week.

Most of the exercises will be super set exercises, traditional resistance-training programming has you perform all assigned sets of the first exercise before moving on to the second exercise. With supersets, you perform the first set of the second exercise right after completing the first set of the first exercise, before doing the second set of the first exercise.

which is a great way to save time without sacrificing the gains, It increases the intensity of the workout while reducing the time it takes to execute it, making it in some ways more effective.

The workout itself will take about 30 minutes to finish, like for example if you have work at 9 am, you hit the gym at 8 am you do the workout you take a shower have a quick snake or a protein shake and at 9 am you will be at your work.

Wish you all the best have a nice day.

Time saving gym workout (under 30 min)



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