Top 5 Stocks Intraday Trading Strategies

Top 5 Stocks Intraday Trading Strategies

Top 5 Stocks Intraday Trading Strategies

Trade to win the trade with price action in any stock market.

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Instructor(s): Samarth Kolhe

Last update: 2022-02-09

What you’ll learn

  • Learn trading psychology
  • Learn 5 different strategies
  • Learn high probability trading setup
  • Get proper idea of market high probability entry levels formations



  • Open mind : Mind should focus only on course.
  • Confidence: Confidence that you can change your life.
  • Willingness to learn and earn


Top 5 Stocks Intraday Trading Strategies

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In today world price action trading is the best method to practice trading, we get fast entry signals than any other lagging indicators like RSI, MACD or moving average. All the strategies provided in this course are based on price action trading, to have proper entries with fixed stop loss. A high probability trading setup can help you to get the trigger for the right trade execution levels. This course is also going to help you out to control your emotions. In trading, psychology plays a crucial role, with this strategy you can have control of your emotions because you will learn to execute your trade at right time & at right time. Emotions will not jump up & down after the execution of trade because you will know where to place the entry & stop loss as well as where to exactly square off the position.

•All these factors are going to help a lot for controlling the emotions, we can’t trade without emotions because we are humans but we can control them by having a clear idea about the executions.

•5 different strategies to trade in any stock market.






Learn the price action strategies and takes the first step toward becoming a profitable trader.


Top 5 Stocks Intraday Trading StrategiesTop 5 Stocks Intraday Trading Strategies


Who this course is for

  • Stock traders
  • Intraday Trader


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • FAQ’s
    • Disclaimer
  • Inside Bar Strategy
    • Get Solutions To Your Trading Problems
    • Strategy
    • Secrets of Strategy
    • Chart Analysis
  • Box Strategy
    • Strategy
    • Secrets of Strategy
    • Chart Analysis
  • ORB Strategy
    • Strategy
    • Secrets of Strategy
    • Indicator Installation In Trading-view
    • Chart Analysis
  • Gap Strategy
    • Introduction
    • Types
    • Strategy One
    • Strategy Two
    • Chart Analysis
  • Fractal Breakout Strategy
    • Strategy
    • Secrets of Strategy
    • Installation Of Indicator
    • Chart Analysis
  • Conclusion
    • Intraday Strategy of secrets of pivot trading
    • Note
    • Bonus Lecture



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