Trading and Investing for Beginners & Technical Analysis

Trading and Investing for Beginners & Technical Analysis

Trading and Investing for Beginners & Technical Analysis

Confidently Trade and Build Wealth. Trade Stocks, Cryptocurrency and Forex. The Complete Trading Foundation Course.

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Graham Wilkinson

Last update: 2022-09-13

What you’ll learn

  • Buy & sell Stock, Forex and Cryptocurrency with confidence
  • Gain the ability to analyse the market at every stage and make profit
  • Make maximum profit at minimum risk
  • Money management basics
  • Risk Management: how to reduce losses and manage overall portfolio risk
  • Learn what your Investor type is
  • Understand the concepts of trading strategy
  • Trade with a game plan and put aside emotion



  • An open mind and willingness to learn
  • No previous experience or specific software needed
  • PC or Laptop (or any other device with atleast 10″ Screen because charts will not be clear on Mobile)
  • Internet connection



In this course, you will learn the key foundations needed to become a successful Trader and Investor and make money in the Stock Market and Financial Markets. You will be able to use these skills to trade any digital asset such as Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrency and others. You can even use these concepts for non-digital assets too if you want, such as property investments etc. It’s a course designed for Complete Beginners.

We start off by covering basic, yet very important concepts and work our way up to more in depth level material.

Following this, we cover some of the most important aspects in trading: Risk Management and Money Management. Here we dive deep into how to protect your account from major losses.

We continue by touching on another major aspect that is often forgotten about: Trading Psychology and game plans. How to control your emotions when making decisions involving money.

We cover a few of the possible software, tools or platforms you could use, as well as an overview of what you would typically see.

We then cover Technical Analysis, including Charts and Candlesticks, Trends, Supports & Resistances, Volume, where to setup your buys, sells and stop losses etc.

By the end of this course, you will have a foundational understanding surrounding these key topics:

  • Investor Type: Intraday, Swing, Position, Investor

  • Charts and Timelines

  • Trading and Investing Strategy

  • Risk Appetite

  • Money Management

  • Trade Management

  • Trading and Investing Platform Options

  • Price and Volume

  • Candlestick Basics

  • Pivots

  • Bulls and Bears

  • Trends

  • Support and Resistance

  • Buys, Sells and Stop Losses

I hope to see you inside 🙂

Legal Disclaimer:

The Authors, or any party related to this course or it’s contents, will not be held responsible for any kind of loss or liability to anyone in anyway, due to this course and the information presented. This course is for educational purposes only.


Who this course is for

  • Beginners who want to decrease their learning curve
  • Anyone who wants to trade the Stock Market, Forex or Cryptocurrency
  • Traders who are starting out and would like to learn more
  • People who want to learn the most important concepts that are needed in trading and investing
  • Traders who want to better time their entries and exits
  • Anyone who wants to maximise returns for their money with minimum risk
  • Anyone who wants the ability to reduce losses
  • Anyone who want to learn the art of Technical Analysis
  • Take this course to take your investing game to the next level


Course content

  • Welcome and Background
    • Welcome to the course
    • What to expect upon course completion
    • Personal introduction
    • Course introduction
  • Investor Type
    • What’s your type? Intraday Trader | Swing Trader | Position Trader
    • Investor charts – Intraday | Swing | Position
    • Investor
  • Investing and Trading Strategy
    • Length of time to hold a position
    • Risk appetite
    • Money management
    • Trade management
  • Technical Analysis
    • Background
    • Various tools available
    • Platform overview
    • Where to start – Price | Volume | Candlesticks
    • Pivots
    • Bulls and Bears
    • Quick recap & chart indicators
    • Trends
    • Support and resistance
    • Quick recap
    • Where to place buys, sells and stop loss
  • Close Out
    • Conclusion and thank you


Trading and Investing for Beginners & Technical AnalysisTrading and Investing for Beginners & Technical Analysis


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