TypeScript Crash Course

TypeScript Crash Course

TypeScript Crash Course

Learn fundamentals of TypeScript programming

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Demian Kostelny

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What you’ll learn

  • Typization in TypeScript
  • Use the main fundamentals of TS
  • Use object types, interfaces and classes in TS
  • Use generics, TS OOP features



  • Basics in JavaScript/Node programming



Welcome, and this is the TypeScript Crash Course – where you gonna learn the main fundamentals of TypeScript programming.

What is TypeScript?

If you watch this course, you already know that TypeScript is a programming language that is very similar to JavaScript – but with more typization and features, that help you to write your code effectively and control quality.

The main focus of this course

The main focus of this course is to teach how to work with TypeScript. We gonna learn the main things that you need to know – when you gonna start building projects that use this programming language.

What you gonna learn in this course

You gonna learn everything about typization, classes, interfaces, and other things in TypeScript. You will know how to work with all these important things. And you will see how it’s cool to use TypeScript in your projects.

What do you need for this course?

First, you need to have some junior experience in JavaScript and Node.js programming. The next thing is to install Node.js with the NPM package manager. And the last thing that you will need – is a code editor. I’m gonna use Visual Studio Code in this course as a Code editor.


Who this course is for

  • Beginners in Node programming
  • Beginners in JavaScript app development


Course content

  • Course contents
    • Introduction
    • Installation of TypeScript and the first example
    • Types in TypeScript
    • Narrowing in functions
    • Interfaces and objects
    • Custom Types
    • Classes


TypeScript Crash CourseTypeScript Crash Course


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