Ultimate Beginner Guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2022-23.

Ultimate Beginner Guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2022-23.

Ultimate Beginner Guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2022-23.

Complete guide to achieve finicial freedom with affiliate marketing.

Language: english

Note: 4.0/5 (3 notes) 933 students  New course 

Instructor(s): Jashandeep Singh

Last update: 2022-06-08

What you’ll learn

  • What is Affiliate Marketing and How it works ?
  • How to start affiliate marketing business ?
  • Different Methods to get success in Affiliate Marketing Business ?
  • Opting Online Business as a full time passive income source.



  • Passion to do an online business.
  • Learning Mindset to acquire new skill.
  • No Techinical Skills Required
  • NO Previous Business skills or background required



This course is the Affilite Marketing basic course. This will introduce you with the concept of affiliate marketing and helps you understand it better.

There will be some supplementry tools suggested in this course to start earning with affiliate marekting and that might needs some investment which will be optional although.

I will introduce you with all affiliate concepts and invite you to 6 days free traning with other students and 3 day challenge to launch you online business. This 3 Day Challenge will have small $ 7 entry fees to keep only authentic people inside this challenege.

You will find  resources which will help you to get access to the tools which are useful in affiliate marketing. This course is going to be super helpful if you follow all instructions carefully.

I, Jashandeep singh will be with you throught this course in every video. I also offer hand holding support to my students. I have sucessfully made my online business hit 5 figures in less than an year passively and i am going to hit 6 figures very soon.

So I will see you in the course, where I will also share my personal thoughts and how I made my online business as my primary income to achieve financial and time freedom.


Who this course is for

  • Beginner Affiliate Marketers who want to make full time passive income and achieve finicial freedom.
  • Students who want to start online business.


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • How to take this course ?
    • What Is Affiliate Marketing and How it actually works ?
    • How you can start Affiliate Marketing ? Two different methods,
    • Knowledge Test
  • Selecting a Niche for Your Business
    • What is Niche ?
    • Which Niche is Profitable for You ?
    • Understanding and Making Customer Persona
  • Selecting an Affiliate Platform or Program.
    • Affiliate Platform vs Affiliate Program
    • How to select right affiliate platform for you ?
    • Creating an Clickbank Account.
    • How to choose right clickbank product to promote. (Understanding Numbers)
    • Best Free Link Shortner to Use
  • Creating the Content
    • Which platform is right for your content ?
    • How to research for trending content ?
    • Creating Quora Account and Posting On it.
    • Using Similar Web tool.
  • Growing Your Audience
    • Using Cross plaform strategy to grow your audience.
    • Soap Opera Sequence and Email Marketing
  • Quick Alternative for Affiliate Marketing
    • Quick Alternative to Start Affiliate Marketing
    • Pros and Cons for this method.
    • My Personal thoughts about this. How I reached here.
  • Concuding the Learnings
    • Final Verdict
    • Access to FREE tools for Affiliate Marketing
    • If you need hand holding support from me.


Ultimate Beginner Guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2022-23.Ultimate Beginner Guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2022-23.


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