Underbody Automotive Technology

Underbody Automotive Technology

Underbody Automotive Technology

For those seeking more Automotive Knowledge

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Instructor(s): Josh K

Last update: 2022-04-24

What you’ll learn

  • Undercar Suspension Diagnostics and Repair
  • Saving Money and Time on Repairs
  • Projects can cost more if you don’t repair correctly
  • Expanding Knowledge



  • No prior experience necessary just the willingness to learn.


Underbody Automotive TechnologyUnderbody Automotive Technology


This course topic consists of steering and suspension with a few other tips and tricks on your vehicle. If you’re wanting to learn more about repair under-body components on your vehicle. Shops nowadays are charging a lot of money and it can add up very quickly. Just by doing the basics can save you time and money in your life. But if you are also the type who wants to get into the automotive field these are the courses that you desire. Automotive field is a complex field that should be designed around safety and knowledge to be able to continue to become a brighter pupil in this course. It consists of a final quiz that will help you grow and understand more knowledge and understanding in this field. Doing Automotive for many years I decided to help others in their life to be able to repair and fix their own vehicles. No matter where you are in the world this course will help you understand the concepts and simple things that you can apply to your own vehicles. If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity it could cost you excess expenses that could have been avoided if you just followed the instructions and videos of this course.


Who this course is for

  • Those seeking knowledge about Automotive Principles


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • Basic Underbody and Suspension
    • O2 Sensor Information
    • Transfer Case Information
    • Fuel and Brake Line Inspection
    • How to Check U-Joints in a Vehicle
    • Sway Bar Links Information
    • CV boot Inspection
    • Spring Inspection
    • Brake Inspection
    • Front Tire Wear Inspection
    • Checking Rear Toe Tire Wear
    • Checking Upper Ball Joint Play
    • How to Check Lower Ball Joints
    • Wheel Bearing Replacement Tips
    • How to identify a Bad Caliper or Brake Hose
    • How to properly use a Torque Stick
    • Identifying an Eccentric alignment nut
    • How do identify Loud Exhaust
    • Checking Bushings
    • Checking Rear Lateral Links
    • Checking Tie Rods
    • Identifying different types of Wheel Bearings
    • Identifying Wheel Bearing Noise
    • Ball Joint Replacement Tips
    • Final Quiz



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