🇮🇳 Understanding Java with C++ knowledge [Urdu/Hindi]

🇮🇳 Understanding Java with C++ knowledge [Urdu/Hindi]

Understanding Java with C++ knowledge [Urdu/Hindi]

Java programming course to set the base for advance Java Courses

Language: urdu

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Instructor(s): Virtual Academy of Pakistan

Last update: 2022-04-10

What you’ll learn

  • Java History
  • Java Development Setup
  • IO Statements
  • Data Types uses in Java
  • Decision making using IF condition
  • Iteration using Loops
  • How to define arrays
  • How to define functions



  • Must of programming Fundamental knowledge in any programming Language



This course is taught in Urdu/Hindi

You will learn Java programming through practical sessions. This course required you to have basic programming knowledge in C++. This course cover how you can transform you C++ programming knowledge to learn Java. Although if you have knowledge in any programming language prior to start this course it will help you to get maximum knowledge from this course.

in a nutshell if you want to be successful in this course we recommend you have an understanding of the fundamentals of software development in any language. Then provides a refresher on object-oriented programming, and how you can apply OO to Java. We’ll introduce Java classes, instances and packaging.

After that you will ready to go deeper into applying OOP concepts in Java, including inheritance and polymorphism. Later section you will learn how to use selected parts of the Java SE Class Library, including Generics, Collections, Java Streams, I/O, Exceptions, Annotations and Enums. Database connectivity concepts are covered in greater detail in this course

Feel free to post your questions/feedback in the block provided under each session-video. I will make sure that all of your queries are addressed. Course Outline  will give you a good idea about the depth and the overall coverage of this course. If you want to learn any other Core Java concept – which is not already covered in this course – then feel free to let me know via Udemy messenger.


🇮🇳 Understanding Java with C++ knowledge [Urdu/Hindi]🇮🇳 Understanding Java with C++ knowledge [Urdu/Hindi]

Who this course is for

  • Beginner programmer
  • Want to kickstart Java language


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Course Introduction
    • Java History
    • Setup and Installation
  • I/O Statements
    • Writing first program
    • How to take input
    • Taking input from command line arguments
  • Strings in Java
    • String Basics
    • String Practical
    • String Buffer & String Builder
  • Control Structure in Java
    • Conditional Statement & Control flow
    • Assignment to check number is Even of Odd
    • Assignment Tax calculation
    • Assignment Solution Tax Slab
    • Iterative Logic with Loops
    • Loop Practical
  • Data Types and its operations
    • Data Types basics
    • Types of Data Types in Java
    • Primitive Data Types
    • Operators in Java
  • Arrays in Java
    • Introduction to Arrays
    • Array Operations
    • Array Practical
    • Storing record in multiple arrays
  • Object Orientation in Java
    • Introduction to Object Orientation
    • Classes & Objects
    • Encapsulation
    • Constructors
    • Composition
    • Aggregation
    • Association
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • Abstract Classes
    • Case Study
    • Introduction to interfaces
    • Defining and implementing interface
    • Interfaces & reference types
    • Multiple inheritance
    • Default methods in interfaces
    • inherit Interface with default method Interfaces
  • Java Collection Framework
    • Need of Collection and Comparison with Array
    • Introduction to collection framework
    • Array List
    • Linked List
    • Vector
    • Stack
    • Set
    • Object Comparison
    • Linked Hash Set
    • Tree Set
    • Cursors in Java Collection Framework
    • Map & Hash Map
    • Map with compound collection
    • Linked Hash Map
    • Identity Hash Map
    • Weak Hash Map
    • Tree Hash Map
    • Hash Table
  • Exception Handling
    • Exception Handling Introduction
    • Exception hierarchy
    • try, catch, finally block
    • Handle multiple exceptions
    • Internal working of try/catch
    • Exception propagation
    • Throwing a new exception
    • Exception handling with method overriding
    • Custom exception
    • Case study exception handling
    • Case study custom exception handling
  • Streams and File IO
    • Introduction to stream & IO
    • Stream classes overview
    • FileOutputStream
    • FileInputStream
    • ByteArrayStream
    • BufferedStream
    • PushbackStreams
    • DataStreams
    • SequentialInputStream
    • ObjectStreams
    • SteamTokenizer
    • PipeStreams
    • Character Based Streams
  • Java Database Connectivity – JDBC
    • Introduction to JDBC
    • JDBC Drivers
    • Which driver should prefer
    • Components of JDBC
    • Steps to Connect with Database
    • Connectivity with Different DBMS
    • Introduction to Statement Interface
    • Introduction to ResultSet Interface
    • CRUD Operations with JDBC
    • Types of ResultSets
    • Updatable Resultset
    • Resultset Holdability
    • Getting Table Meta from Resultset
    • Getting Database Meta Data
    • Batch Processing with Statement Interface
    • Introduction to Prepared Statements
    • Loading Driver from Configuration File
    • Creating Utility Class for database
    • Manipulating SQL with Java Objects
    • Coupling and Cohesion
    • Introduction to Layered Architecture
    • JDBC Case Study Introduction
    • Case Study Architecture
    • Table and JDBC Drivers
    • Data Model Creation
    • DAO Creation
    • Service and its Utilization
    • Remaining Case Study


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