Unreal Engine: Creating Templates for Visualization Projects

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Unreal Engine: Creating Templates for Visualization Projects

Unreal Engine: Creating Templates for Visualization Projects

Learn to create Templates for Visualization Projects using Unreal Engine

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Instructor(s): Brian Bradley



Starting a new project in Unreal can be an intimidating process. There are a lot of settings that need to be just right for your scene to work correctly and look great. What if you didn’t have to start from scratch each time? In this course, instructor Brian Bradley shows you how to create project templates that will make your workflow much more manageable and get you into creating faster. After explaining the benefits of setting up the templates you will need before you start new projects, Brian meticulously steps you through creating an Arch Viz template, including basic master materials that you can use to populate a visualization scene quickly and easily. Plus, he covers in detail the steps in creating a Product Viz template.

One of the things that many artists I talk to seem to struggle a little bit with. Not because it is hard work or anything, but just because to many, it feels really tedious is the setup part of a project. The bit that takes place before any of the creative work gets going, this means that many of us either skip this phase all together, basically making up folders and folder structures as we go, or we skipped through it so quickly that we miss some real opportunities to speed up the production process for ourselves as we get further on down the pipeline, which in part is why I am really looking forward to working through this course with you and hopefully helping speed up your day to day projects, freeing up time that you can then spend enhancing your Unreal creations.