Web Design for Beginners: Build Websites in HTML & CSS 2022

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Web Design for Beginners: Build Websites in HTML & CSS 2022

Web Design for Beginners: Build Websites in HTML & CSS 2022

Learn the Basics of HTML and CSS and get Started with Web Design

Language: english

Note: 4.4/5 (273 notes) 31,041 students

Instructor(s): Web Coding

Last update: 2021-11-12

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to set up the right tools for your web development process
  • Grasp the main concepts that every developer should know
  • Learn the basics of HTML up to the advanced level
  • Learn the basics of CSS and how it works hand in hand with HTML
  • Create simple yet beautiful designs as you go
  • Get advanced with HTML and CSS and dive deeper in advanced parts



  • just a PC and an active internet connection



Do you want to get started with web design, front-end development, or web development in general? If the answer is yes then you are in for a treat. In this course, you are going to learn everything you need to know about  HTML and CSS which are basically the starting point of your career as a web developer. So why choose this course? why not any other course? Because I have made sure that every part of the course is informative, fun, and practical. I explained everything with detail and ease and also inside the course you will be provided and supported with PowerPoint slides, code examples, articles, exercises and so much more!!

So to elaborate a bit. I am going to introduce you to some key definitions and terms that are concerned with web development or programming in general like how the internet works, how to work with text editors what are browsers and afterward we are going to proceed to HTML basic elements, syntax, attributes and a simple intro to CSS up to some intermediate areas like lists, tables up to some hardcore areas like forms, classes, and entities. and then we will get to CSS. this course was not intended to have full CSS content, but when I started creating the course, I realized how CSS can be really beneficial with HTML. So I did an entire course on CSS just for you. I started with a revision and intro to the basic stuff, up to margins and paddings, text and fonts and I did a training up to advanced parts like position and float. So if you don’t want to miss out on this journey, go ahead and get the course now and I promise you will have a fantastic, engaging, and enjoyable experience learning with me. See you inside   


Who this course is for

  • Anone who is cauiors about web development
  • Anyone who wants to learn HTML and CSS
  • Anyone who wants to get started with front end development or web development in general
  • Anyone who wants to build real world projects in HTML and CSS to build up their CVs


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • Basic and General Info and Installation
    • Alert!!! Important: A Must Watch Video
    • How the Web Works
    • What Are Text Editors and Installation
    • How the Browser Works
  • Basics Syntax and First Steps
    • HTML Basic Syntax
    • HTML Elements
    • HTML Attributes
    • HTML Headings
    • HTML Paragraphs
    • HTML Attributes
  • Diving Deeper with HTML and CSS Basics
    • HTML Style Attribute
    • HTML Formatting
    • HTML Comments
    • Simple Intro to CSS
    • HTML Links
    • HTML Images
    • HTML Style Attribute
  • Diving Deeper: Tables, Lists and Forms
    • HTML Tables
    • HTML Lists
    • First Training (Creating a Simple Menu)
    • HTML Forms pt.1
    • 19-HTML Forms pt.2
    • 19-HTML Forms pt.3
    • HTML Forms pt.4
    • Lists
  • Getting Advanced and Finishing Up
    • HTML Inline and Block Tags
    • Classes
    • Ids
    • More about the Head
    • HTML Entities
    • Classes
  • Getting Started with CSS
    • Intro and Revision to CSS
    • Syntax
    • Comments
    • Comments
  • Colors
    • Colors pt.1
    • Colors pt.2
    • Colors
  • Backgrounds
    • Backgrounds pt.1
    • Backgrounds pt.2
    • Backgrounds pt.3
    • Backgrounds
  • Borders
    • Borders pt.1
    • Borders pt.2
    • Borders
  • Margin, Padding and More
    • Margin
    • Padding
    • More about height and width
    • Width and Height
    • Box Model
    • Training 2 (Building a Simple Form)
    • Width and Height
  • Outline
    • Outline pt.1
    • Outline pt.2
    • Outline
  • Text
    • Text pt.1
    • Text pt.2
    • Text pt.3
    • Text
  • Fonts
    • Fonts pt.1
    • Fonts pt.2
    • Fonts pt.3
    • Fonts
  • Display
    • Display pt.1
    • Display pt.2
    • Display pt.3
    • Display
  • Position
    • Position pt.1
    • Position pt.2
    • Position
  • Z-index
    • Z-index pt.1
    • Z-index pt.2
    • Z-index
  • Overflow
    • Overflow pt.1
    • Overflow pt.2
    • Overflow
  • Pesudo Classes, Elements and other Stuff
    • Pseudo Classes
    • Pseudo Elements
    • Opacity
    • Cursor
    • Cursor
  • Float
    • Float pt.1
    • Float pt.2
  • Outro
    • Outro and Where to Go From Here


Web Design for Beginners: Build Websites in HTML & CSS 2022Web Design for Beginners: Build Websites in HTML & CSS 2022

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