Webinar Mastery – Sell High Ticket Products!

Webinar Mastery - Sell High Ticket Products!

Webinar Mastery – Sell High Ticket Products!

Your complete guide to selling through webinars, and how to make sure they are packed every time. Everything is included

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Instructor(s): Howard Lynch

Last update: 2016-05-18

What you’ll learn

  • Create Attention-Grabbing Webinars that Keep Hundreds of Attendees on Their Toes
  • Make High-Ticket Sales Using Webinars
  • Promote Any Affiliate Product Using Webinars
  • Drive Traffic to Their Webinars and Fill All Seats



  • Basic Internet Skills



Our courses have been taken by over 170,000 students, have been awarded countless 5 stars reviews. That is all the proof we need that our methods work!

.Dear Marketer,

If like me you have been wondering for a while how to add high-ticket commissions to your downline, then wonder no more.

I’m sure you are aware of what a webinar is, but if you aren’t..

..a webinar is an online presentation, usually live, where a marketer get to interact with a large audience eager to learn more, and to buy.

I have been using webinars for the past two years to produce high-ticket sales from coaching, high-end softwares and consulting.

In this course, I have laid down the exact foundation for my business, to the letter.

But please don’t take my word for it. You can take this course for 30 Days, and by the time you know every sentence by heart, when you have taken ALL the content, you can STILL ask for a refund.

This is our proof that our methods work: our unbeatable 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, that we’ve NEVER turned down.

See you inside the course, where you’ll discover how one single webinar made me 5 figures


-Howard & Antoine


Who this course is for

  • Affiliate Marketers


Course content

  • Start Here
    • Introduction
    • Push-Button Webinar Platforms
  • Engagement Basics
    • What Can You Sell ?
    • Accepting Payments
    • PayPal Payments
    • How Your Voice Can Make or Break Your Webinar
    • Pacing & Pausing (quick note)
    • Note on Mindmaps
  • Creating Your AWESOME Webinar, and Fast
    • Templates that Work Every Time
    • Changing Layout Templates
    • Titles & State Breakers
    • Leveraging Your Personal Story
    • Promising=Selling
    • Stacking Value & Making Your Offer Irresistible
    • Case Studies
    • Stats & Proof
    • Hosting Q&A Sessions Has a Hidden Utility
    • Video Assets to Fill Your Webinar
    • Email Sequences
    • Joint Venture Traffic
    • Getting JVs on Google
    • Use This Script to Contact JVs Extremely Easily
    • Creating Your First Webinar in GotoWebinar
    • Thank You for Watching ! Tips & Tricks BONUS Section


Webinar Mastery - Sell High Ticket Products!Webinar Mastery - Sell High Ticket Products!

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