What, How and Why First Impressions

What, How and Why First Impressions

What, How and Why First Impressions

First Impression

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What, How and Why First Impressions



Let’s understand what is first impressions, why is it important, how is it formed and how can we use them to our benefit.

So many times we are told, that we cannot make a second first impression. Have you ever thought why?

Then there is a contradicting statement which says “we should not judge a book by its cover” why?

Both statements are way apart.

Let us understand the two statements.

Here in this course, we will go ahead with every aspect of first impression, and most importantly it will help you how to work on your first impression and why you should work on it.

First impression applies to all whether you be a homemaker, CEO, teacher, or student.

I have tried my best to make your journey, simple easy, and engaging.

If you have any queries, you can put them below, I will answer them as soon as possible.

So, let’s begin this journey.

Here you will learn

How is First impression formed?

What is First Impression?

Why is First impression important?

Why is it forever and everlasting?

What is the easiest way to nail the first impression?

Is it possible to make a first impression again?

Cannot wait to see you on the other side.

What, How and Why First Impressions



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