What’s Your Moon Sign?

What's Your Moon Sign?

What’s Your Moon Sign?

Your Moon Sign explains your emotional blueprint..do you know yours?

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Instructor(s): Cindy De Wet Steyn

Last update: 2022-09-16

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to find your moon sign and that of family and friends
  • Understand the four Elements and their impact on the Moon
  • Understand the three Modalities and their influence on the Moon
  • A whiz through the 12 Moon sign options



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If you have watched my Moon Phase made Simple course you will have realized how powerful the effects of the moon are on us. If you have not watched it, it will certainly give this Free course a deeper meaning so please check it out.

I have been working strongly with the moon for 7 years now and this has afforded me the time to integrate so much of her beautiful, gentle and cumulative wisdom.

As I am an Aries moon, this cannot have been easy for Grandmother Moon to have patience enough to watch me bumble head first into challenges.

To her credit she has lovingly guided me, without judgement and I am always grateful.

As such I want to support and encourage you to learn from her too.

So using the wisdom she has graciously supported me in gaining…patiently, over time, I have created this Free course to get you started on your journey of self understanding.

Here I give a brief explanation of the 12 different moon signs.

I explain the difference between a Fire, Earth, Air or Water moon.

I touch on the difference between a Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable moon.

And show you how to find your Moon Sign…join me on this journey.


Who this course is for

  • If you want a little insight and self understanding around your emotional reactivity, responsiveness and your needs.


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • The Elements
    • Understanding the Elements
  • Qualities
    • Understanding the Qualities
  • Fire Moon’s
    • Fire Moon’s
    • Aries Moon – Ruled by Mars – Cardinal Fire
    • Leo Moon – Ruled by Sun – Fixed Fire
    • Sagittarius Moon – Ruled by Jupiter – Mutable Fire
  • Earth Moon’s
    • Earth Moon’s
    • Taurus Moon – Ruled by Venus – Fixed Earth
    • Virgo Moon – Ruled by Mercury – Mutable Earth
    • Capricorn Moon – Ruled by Saturn – Cardinal Earth
  • Air Moon’s
    • Air Moon’s
    • Gemini Moon – Ruled by Mercury – Mutable Air
    • Libra Moon – Ruled by Venus – Cardinal Air
    • Aquarius Moon – Ruled by Saturn – Fixed Air
  • Water Moon’s
    • Water Moon’s
    • Cancer Moon – Ruled by Moon – Cardinal Water
    • Scorpio Moon – Ruled by Mars – Fixed Water
    • Pisces Moon – Ruled by Jupiter – Mutable Water


What's Your Moon Sign?What's Your Moon Sign?


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