WhatsApp Targeted Marketing

WhatsApp Targeted Marketing

WhatsApp Targeted Marketing

How To Use WhatsApp Business API Automation To Get The Best ROIs?

Language: english

Note: 4.2/5 (111 notes) 11,491 students

Instructor(s): Prabhansh Jain

Last update: 2021-09-12

What you’ll learn

  • WhatsApp Business API
  • WhatsApp Enterprise Marketing
  • Broadcast Message Sending in WhatsApp
  • WATI Business Solution Partner
  • Template Messages and Avoiding Rejection of Template Messages in WhatsApp
  • Shopify and Woocommerce integration with WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Contact Management
  • WhatsApp Chat Widget
  • Avoiding Low Quality Rating



  • Have Basic Computer Knowledge and know how to operate a computer system
  • Have a good command in English Language



WhatsApp Targeted Marketing: How To Use WhatsApp Business API Automation To Get The Best ROIs?

This course will teach you about WhatsApp Business API and how to manage your account with WhatsApp’s official solution partner WATI. From learning how to manage contacts and creating messages to create your own broadcast campaigns. This course also will teach you how you can brand your own website to get a WhatsApp chat widget. It will also be a plus if you own a Shopify or Woo commerce store as this course will tell you how you can integrate your stores to WATI and recover abandoned carts.

Everything you need to know to generate leads with the help of WATI:

– Difference between WhatsApp Business Application and WhatsApp Business API

– Onboarding Process and setup on WATI

– Embed WhatsApp Chat Widget on a personal website

– Create WhatsApp Link and QR code

– Setup Pre-filled WhatsApp Message Link

– Contact Management On WATI

– Adding Attributes Manually and with the help of excel

– Create Rich Media Template Messages

– Create Template Messages with Buttons

– Tips To Avoid Rejection of Template

– Create a Broadcast Campaign, add contacts and also schedule

– Tracking of Broadcast Campaign with WATI analytics tool

– Tips to avoid low-quality rating

– Integration of WooCommerce and Shopify with WATI


Who this course is for

  • Businesses who want to market with WhatsApp
  • To learn everything about WATI and how to work with a WhatsApp Business Account


Course content

  • WhatsApp Business API Overview
    • WhatsApp Application vs WhatsApp Business API
    • What are the functions & limitations of WhatsApp official API
    • Message types: Template message vs Customer support message
    • WhatsApp Onboarding Process
  • WhatsApp Marketing – Increase leads for your business
    • Setup Facebook Ads with WhatsApp to click
    • Setup Chatwidget in website
    • Whatsapp link and QR code
    • Set up Pre-filled message
  • WhatsApp Contact Management
    • How to add attribute manually (on WATI )
    • How to add attribute manually (by uploading excel)
    • How to filter with contact attribute
    • How to manage contact attribute
  • Template message guidelines
    • What is template message
    • How to create text only template
    • How to create rich media template
    • How to create template with button
    • How to avoid template rejection
  • How to send broadcast
    • How to schedule a broadcast
    • How to add contacts to the broadcast list
    • How to remove people from broadcast (unsubscribed users)
    • How to track the broadcast performance
    • How to avoid low quality rating & not getting blocked
    • How to send temaplate message with WATI API
  • WhatsApp Ecommerce – Increase sales for ecommerce
    • Shopify Integration with WhatsApp API for orders notification
    • WooCommerce Integration with WhatsApp API for orders notification
    • bonus lecture


WhatsApp Targeted MarketingWhatsApp Targeted Marketing


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