WooCommerce Onpage SEO | Fast Technique with Examples | 2022

WooCommerce Onpage SEO | Fast Technique with Examples | 2022

WooCommerce Onpage SEO | Fast Technique with Examples | 2022

Learn WooCommerce Onpage SEO How to do On Page Search Engine Optimization for WooCommerce eCommerce Website.

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Abdullah Khan

Last update: 2021-12-08

What you’ll learn

  • Onpage SEO
  • SEO without paid tools
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO Product Descriptions
  • SEO Product Content
  • SEO Basics
  • SEO Titles
  • Set up Ecommerce Analytics
  • Learn more in less time
  • Increase Rankings
  • Increase Traffic
  • Increase Sales
  • Improve Website Speed
  • Improve Website Experience
  • Learn how to optimize landing pages



  • Existing Ecommerce website will be helpful!



The idea with this WooCommerce Training Program is to implement techniques without using paid tools and start working towards optimizing your website for search engines, increase traffic and sales.

Learn to optimize your WooCommerce website quickly for Onpage Optimization. You will learn about different techniques for keyword research, keyword implementation, how to write titles, meta description, how to optimize website file pages, how to rename your files for search engine optimization. How to connect your website with search console.

Overall, you will learn the digital experience elements that impacts Onpage SEO and how to implement in WooCommerce.

After completing this training program you should be able to perform keyword research based on user intent and priority, implement the keywords in your title, headings, and content like product descriptions.

After completing this Training Program, you can:

  • Find Keywords, optimize it and Implement it

  • Optimize your website structure, content, product information etc.

  • Understand the concepts of SEO and WooCommerce (WordPress) Optimization.

  • Make changes on the go or teach your employees or colleagues.

5 Effective Reasons for choosing the course

  • Within a week, you can complete the entire Training with Example Practice

  • Only the Most Important Methods are Taught

  • Case studies and examples of business like Art Gallery

  • The Instructor will answer questions from the students.

In this WooCommerce SEO program you will be learning how to implement different techniques and plugins and how to take an overall look on your website content, your web pages, and different web elements and how they make an impact on your performance.

Running you through plugins that are used for WordPress or WooCommerce as well as showing you manually how the implementation is done.

You are shown the product descriptions how to work on that to optimize it for the Onpage SEO as well as work on the Titles, meta descriptions, learn about how to insert the Titles properly how the keyword research is done and the best titles are selected.

Learn about the keyword research techniques, and what are the different levels of keywords that needs to be implemented.

You will be able to get better rankings, and increased traffic after implementing what is taught in this training program.


Who this course is for

  • Small business owners
  • Students
  • Freelancers
  • SEO Professionals
  • Ecommerce Website Owners
  • Web Developers


Course content

  • WooCommerce Onpage SEO
    • Introduction
    • Understanding WooCommerce website Architecture
    • Adding website to Google Search Console
    • Adding website to Bing Webmaster Tools
    • On Page Bing Webmaster Sitemap Submission
    • Google Search Console Overview
    • Google Search Console Coverage
    • Bing Webmaster Sitemap Submission
  • Keyword Strategy
    • Understanding User Intent behind Search Queries
    • First Priority Keywords
    • Second Priority Keywords
    • Third Priority Keywords
  • On page Website Optimization
    • Doing SEO Website Audit
    • Using Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool WooCommerce
    • How to use Allintitle in Keyword Research to check competition Level
    • How to Write Titles for SEO on WooCommerce website
    • Best Keyword Density to Use
    • How to Write Product Titles and Meta Description to rank better?
    • How to use nofollow rel tag on woocommerce
    • How to create and implement an XML Sitemap
    • How to check website speed
    • Content length and using too little content
    • Featured Snippets Results in WordPress Plugins
    • How to optimize product page permalinks
    • Optimize WooCommerce SEO, Ways to use alternate text for WooCommerce SEO?
    • Create (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions Page to increase SEO Results
    • How to get Fast Website Loading Speed for WooCommerce website?
    • Start using SSL/HTTPS
    • SEOPress WordPress Plugin
    • eCommerce Pricing Overview
  • WooCommerce Analytics Optimization
    • WooCommerce Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Implementation


WooCommerce Onpage SEO | Fast Technique with Examples | 2022

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