Working Remotely: How To Succeed while working from home

Working Remotely: How To Succeed while working from home

Working Remotely: How To Succeed while working from home

Find a work life balance and be productive working remotely from a home office even with kids or family during Covid-19

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Instructor(s): Asim Noaman Lodhi


Has working remotely left you feeling demotivated, stressed and unproductive?

Has working from home all the time thrown your work-life balance off kilter?

Do you feel like you’re constantly ‘on call’ – not so much working from home as living at work?

Or maybe you’ve found yourself working for a company that’s suddenly remote first and you’re feeling lonely, disconnected and out of the loop on key projects?

If any of that sounds like you, join the club.

In fact, learning the right way to work remotely has actually allowed me to be happier, less stressed, more productive and hugely more successful in my work.

And now I want to share with you everything I’ve learned.

Working Remotely: How To Succeed In The New Workplace is your short, sharp introduction to the new way of working.

In it, you’ll pick up powerful tips and techniques for making your daily work more productive, fulfilling and suited to your personal work style.

From the last 5 years, I am working from home as an online teacher and I have taught different subjects online to my students on different online teaching websites,

Teaching is always a very respectable profession, and when it comes to working from home as an online teacher it becomes the most appropriate and easy way of teaching because, from my 5 year’s experience of work from home online teaching I have found that work from home job as an online teacher is very simple and easy, there is nothing difficult in working from home as an online teacher,

and the good thing in working from home as an online teacher is you record your lectures only once and then it remains published forever, you do not need to come and attend the class every day as teachers do in the institutes or in the offline teachings professions,

Once you record your lecture you put everything in it and then after publishing your course on online teaching websites like Udemy. every day new students are coming and they are enrolling in your course and watching your lectures,

So at the end of the day, you work only once by creating a course and then you publish your course and start making sales of your course for a lifetime.

1. A question will arise in your mind that what would I teach to work from home as an online teacher, so, first of all, there are a lot of things you can teach online but still if you don’t have anything to teach so the method is to learn something first from other people courses and then start teaching it to others,

But how you will do this and what topic would you need to choose and all the online teaching strategies and best practices of making more sales, recording and editing your courses, and how to use the video recording and editing tools free for recording and editing. the quality and quantity of your courses, getting reviews and high rating strategies, we will be discussing all of these things and I will make it very easy for you in this work from home online teaching job course,

How much we can earn while working from home?

From the time I have started working from home online as a online consultant and a teacher. I have made connections with other colleagues instructors who also work from home as online teacher and including me, I found most of the instructors quit their other jobs and started working as full-time online teachers, there are the different reasons we started working as full-time online teachers.

2. The first reason is its income, its income is more than the other jobs we do for other peoples in the offices, the second reason is we are the boss of our own, we work on our will, there is no pressure on us, and we made it our hobby we started loving this job.

3. So my first suggestion to you in this course is to fell in love with this work from home online teaching job, and make it your hobby, in your free extra time learn a skill, master that skill and then create a course on that skill, publish the course and start making money from your hobby,

Let say for example you created 10 courses and let’s take a very minimum estimate that you are earning only 200 dollars on each course in a month, so if you have 10 courses that make it 2 thousand dollars every month, and if you are working continuously you will make it double in some time and then triple and so on, I have seen instructors who are working from home and they have hundreds of courses published and they are making thousands of dollars each month, but remember the quality of courses is more important than the number of courses, and we will be discussing the quality of course latter in this course because one high-quality course can bring you more sales then other 20 courses,

Now, what are the things you need to start work from home job as an online teacher?

1. Video recording software

2. video editing software

3. Laptop

4. microphone

And some people think they need to be very bold and confident for to work from home as an online teacher but that’s completely wrong because you are not standing in front of students in a class but you are sitting at your home inside your room in front of your laptop and you have the scripts in your hands, you are looking to the scripts and you are recording your lectures so after recording you can watch your lecture again and if you found that you have spoken something wrong so you can delete your lecture and start recording it again

So is not it interesting to start this work from home online teaching job?

let’s fell in love with this work from home job as an online teacher and make it your hobby and start making money from your hobby.


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