Write Dreamy, Heartfelt, Soulful Poetry – Creative Writing

Write Dreamy, Heartfelt, Soulful Poetry - Creative Writing

Write Dreamy, Heartfelt, Soulful Poetry – Creative Writing

Use creative writing to write dreamy and imaginative poetry. Course on Creative writing for poetry that inspires

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Alex Genadinik

Last update: 2022-07-01

What you’ll learn

  • Write beautiful poetry that appeals to the heart
  • Learn to write beautiful metaphors and similes to give your poetry life
  • Write your own poem by the end of the course
  • Get examples and analysis of poetry by great poets
  • Understand which parts of poetry connect with people and inspire them
  • Write the kind of poetry that surprises even you that you can create such beautiful ideas and worlds



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Learn to write dreamy and imaginative poetry that inspires readers and takes them to new worlds.

Create beauty with your writing and give the gift of inspiration to others.

What you will learn

We’ll start with poetry basics like similes, rhyming, metaphors, and building imagery. We will also explore the brain science of what makes people feel certain feelings. We’ll combine the science with philosophy to help you understand what goes on in the mind of a reader or listener.

We’ll write a poem

As you make your way through the course, you and I will write a poem together. We’ll start with a 1-line image. We’ll expand that into a 3-line Haiku. After that, we’ll turn that into a short 4-line poem, and I’ll show you how to grow your poetry beyond that.

Upload your poetry book to Amazon and the Kindle

After you complete a set of poems, the course will walk you through how to upload your creative writing or poetry on Amazon so you can have a Kindle version of your book and a paperback version of your book. Amazon takes care of printing and shipping your paperback.

About the instructor, Alex Genadinik

Alex writes music that has a strong focus on imaginative and rich poetry that inspires. His music is growing on channels on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. In the course, he shares the kind of magic he tries to create with the lyrics in his music. He’ll walk you through a number of his original lines and works by great poets like Shakespeare.

Enrich your inner life with beauty and poetry! Enroll today!


Who this course is for

  • Aspiring poets and creative writers
  • People who want to be more creative


Course content

  • Introduction and welcome to this poetry course
    • Introduction and welcome to this poetry course
  • Poetry basics
    • Psychology, science, and philosophy of Imagery to evoke emotion with poetry
    • “Slice of life” and “Art is not what but how”
    • Metaphors in poetry
    • Similes in poetry
    • Rhyme schemes in poetry
  • Poem structure
    • What makes writing a poem and not prose – poetry definition
    • Start with single line or “pretty” idea
    • Starting with writing just one line of a poem
    • Example of a bad beginner poem
    • Next step up – the Haiku – poetry from Japanese culture
    • 4-line poem that can also be a song chorus
    • Turning the short poem into a longer poem: 16-28 original lines
  • How to become better as a poet
    • How to improve and an intellectual challenge for poets for growth
    • Editing, editing, and more frustrating editing
    • Exercise: you can critique my writing!
  • Your poetry book on Amazon and Kindle
    • Introduction to creating your poetry book and performing
    • Complete setup process to publish your book on the Kindle
    • How to create a book cover on your own and quickly
  • Conclusion of our poetry course – thank you for studying with me
    • Bonus lecture


Write Dreamy, Heartfelt, Soulful Poetry - Creative Writing

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