ZEN and the art of making a living as a 3D artist

ZEN and the art of making a living as a 3D artist

ZEN and the art of making a living as a 3D artist

Stop looking for 3d artist jobs and think like an entrepreneur

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Robert Wesseling

Last update: 2022-02-21

What you’ll learn

  • Marketing for thinkers, creators and innovators
  • How to think like an entrepreneur
  • Habits of successful entrepreneurs
  • How to find trends
  • How to set goals and make a plan
  • What marketing strategies are out there
  • What is branding good for
  • Simple ZEN meditations



  • Being a thinker, creator or innovator.
  • You want to become an entrepreneur or make a living with your creations.



Marketing for thinkers and creators – What’s missing?

After analyzing 30 marketing courses, I found something is missing. What is missing is a clear structure, a strong foundation. On top of that, there seem to be no marketing courses for people who are not wired to be an entrepreneur.

Now the good news. The good news is that I worked on a strong foundation for a big part of my life and used that in the course. That is the course ZEN and the art of making a living as a 3d artist.

While this course is tailored to 3d artists, I recommend this course for anyone who is a thinker, creator, innovator, or introvert. It is not a static course, but its content is expanding and improving. On top of that, there is a Facebook group and a Discord Server dedicated to the course.

Another problem that artists encounter

Most artists are looking for jobs online rather than starting their own businesses. The most common searches are these:

  • 3d artist jobs

  • 3d artist salary

  • remote 3d artist jobs

  • 3d environment artist jobs

  • 3d character artist jobs

  • 3d artist jobs near me

  • senior 3d artist salary

And there are no searches such as “How to make a living as a 3d artist”. Again, this indicates what mindset an artist, thinker, or innovator is using. While there are loads of jobs related to 3d, design, content creation, it’s still hard to find a job. For example, there are jobs, but not close enough. Or the job is asking for skill sets that don’t match completely. Another one is that you don’t have the experience that is asked for.

The solution is to look from another perspective, from the entrepreneurial perspective. This way, you open many doors. Not only can you be your own boss, but you create more reasons for others to engage with you.

The solution

This course offers many solutions. First, it shows a strong foundation for thinking, feeling, acting, and feeling like an entrepreneur. Secondly, you will be your own boss of your thoughts and feelings. And finally, you will gain insight into marketing strategies.

Take action now

The first step is to get this course now. You can always ask for a refund if the course is not for you. So you can only win. Mind that this course is life-changing on different levels if you believe in it. And you can help other artists, thinkers, and creators by engagement. For example, provide feedback, give a rating or review, and engage in the Facebook Group and Discord.


Who this course is for

  • Artists
  • Creators
  • Innovators
  • Thinkers
  • 3D artists


Course content

  • Welcome to the course Marketing for thinkers, creators and innovators
    • Introduction
    • Important Notes before starting the course.
    • Resources for the course
  • The foundation of being an entrepreneur.
    • A simple structure
    • Reading the Room – Sense
    • What drives you – Feel
    • The role of thinking
    • Time for action
    • Avoid these mistakes
    • Meet Harry K. The stereotype Entrepreneur
    • Self Help
  • Marketing Strategies
    • Marketing Strategies – Intro
    • Marketing Strategies AFF-COM
    • Marketing Strategies COMP-DIG
    • Marketing Strategies DIR-EXP
    • Marketing Strategies FAC-LOC
    • Marketing Strategies LEF-NEW
    • Marketing Strategies NON-PRO
    • Marketing Strategies PROM-SCA
    • Marketing Strategies SCI-YOU
  • Marketing
    • Marketing Intro
    • Branding – What is it?
    • Branding – What archetype is your audience?
    • Branding – The Creator Archetype
    • Branding – What are you selling actually?
    • Content Writing – Avoid this mistake
    • Content Writing – Tips
    • Colors in Design
    • Social Media
    • Useful Software
    • Websites for generating income
  • Guided Visualizations
    • A simple ZEN meditation
    • Induction method 1
    • Induction method 2
    • Induction method 3
    • Improve your self-talk
    • Doing More
    • Thinking Strategies
    • Put emotions in perspective.
  • Practical Examples
    • Looking for trends – Example
    • How to build a successful website
  • Interviews
    • Interview with Richard Traynor
    • Interview with Richard Culver
  • Blender EEVEE – Mini Course
    • Introduction
    • Two things to avoid
    • Highlights and Shadows
    • Irradiance Probe
    • How to create more vibrant colors in the render
    • Reflection Probe
    • Plausible Albedo values and reference
    • Some compositing secrets you probably didn’t know
  • Communication
    • Biases and the use of it in marketing, decisions and communications.
    • Psychological aspects of communications and marketing
    • Rhetoric in communication and marketing and communication


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