Zero To Hero Apache Kafka with SpringBoot mastery

Zero To Hero Apache Kafka with SpringBoot mastery

Zero To Hero Apache Kafka with SpringBoot mastery

Learn all about Apache Kafka and implement it with SpringBoot for any of your use case

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Obify Consulting

Last update: 2022-03-11

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn about Apache Kafka and its history
  • You will learn about the Architecture and different components of Apache Kafka
  • You will learn why Kafka is distributed and how its different from traditional message brokers
  • You will learn to install Kafka in your local computer
  • You will learn to create SpringBoot project from scratch
  • You will learn to implement SpringBoot and Apache Kafka for Producer Consumer scenario



  • Basics of Java



This course will teach everything about Apache Kafka.

How Apache Kafka differs from traditional/regular message broker services like Apache Active MQ or RabbitMQ.

We will also learn about different scenarios in which you can use Apache Kafka and achieve your functionality.

We will implement Apache Kafka with SpringBoot and implement a scenario where we will work with both producer and consumer.

In Apache Kafka, we will go through different topics like:

1. What is Apache Kafka

2. Why do we need Apache Kafka

3. History of Apache Kafka

4. Advantages of Apache Kafka

5. How Apache Kafka differs from traditional messaging brokers like Activ MQ or RabbitMQ

6. We will also compare Kafka with RabbitMQ message broker

7. We will try to understand why Apache Kafka is called a distributed system

8. We will then look at the detailed architecture of Apache Kafka

9. We will look into different components of the Apache Kafka system and try to understand what they do.

10. We will see what is an Apache Kafka Cluster and its importance

11. We will learn about Brokers and their importance in Apache Kafka architecture

12. What is a message and how messages are published and subscribed in distributed mode.

13. What are Partitions and logs and their importance

14. What is the Kafka Storage strategy

15. What is Zookeeper and how its important in Apache Kafka architecture

16. We will then do the local development environment setup

17. After that we will then create a new SpringBoot project from Spring Initializer

18. Then we will go ahead and add the needed maven dependencies and start our development

19. We will implement the producer and consumer scenarios

20. Finally you will get the complete source code of the course.


Who this course is for

  • Anyone who wants to implement any distributed streaming/real-time data processing use case with Apache Kafka and Springboot


Course content

  • Introduction to Apache Kafka
    • Course Overview
    • What is Apache Kafka and Why we need it
    • Introduction about Apache Kafka
  • Kafka Architecture and Terminology
    • Kafka vs RabbitMQ
    • Terminology in Apache Kafka
    • Deep dive into Brokers
    • Deep dive into Zookeeper and Partitions
    • Apache Kafka Storage
  • Apache Kafka Setup & Installation
    • Downloading Kafka
    • Extraction of tgz and file walkthrough
    • Setting data Dir for zookeeper
    • Setting up path for Kafka logs directory
    • Starting Zookeeper and Kafka Server
    • Creating a topic and listing all topics
    • Creating Producer, Consumer and exchanging messages between them in real time
  • Implementing Springboot Producer & Consumer
    • Local Development Setup
    • Creating Producer and Consumer Applications from spring initializer
    • Setting configuration for producer
    • Creating Producer and RestController
    • Configuration for our consumer
    • Registering a consumer and texting end to end
    • Publishing Json data into Topic and Consuming it


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